International Academy of Dispute Resolution Organizes Program for Students in Athens

Chicago-based International Academy of Dispute Resolution will host an international tournament in Athens to further the awareness of mediation as a means of establishing peaceful resolution.


International Academy of Dispute Resolution

INADR, an American not-for-profit organization based in Chicago, is organizing for the first time in Greece an International Mediation Tournament for students in Athens, this May 14-17.


International Academy of Dispute Resolution – INADR has been involved for many years with competitions and tournaments both in the US and internationally and this year ALBA Business Graduate School together with the American College of Greece have offered to host the event in Athens.







The tournament is designed to provide students (both undergraduate and post-graduate) with a practical understanding of mediation. To this end, the tournament offers students the opportunity to learn about various forms and techniques used in mediation, as well as the opportunity to practice their mediation skills in friendly competition with other students from around the world.


Students will receive two days of training, delivered by some of the leading experts in the ADR field and are required to compete both as mediators and advocates on the following two days. The best team from the Athens tournament will be announced at the official awards dinner, which is complimentary for all participants. The award is $1,000 scholarship to participate to the next INADR competition (in 2017). Individual mediators and advocate/client teams will also be given All-World honours and team trophies will be awarded to best performing participants.


Greek Mediation Institute (GMI) Founding Member Dr. Elena Koltsaki, a lawyer and accredited mediator, spoke about this unique opportunity.


“This tournament is a great opportunity to visit Greece and to network, especially for Greek-American students.”


Applications must be received by April 22.


Contact for more information


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