Iperoxo Prosopo: Top 10 Skin Conditions and Concerns

top 10 skin conditions Iperoxo Prosopo

In this 3rd installment of the ‘Iperoxo Prosopo’ articles, Licensed Esthetician Peg Karadimas reveals the top 10 skin conditions and concerns. Find out what they are.


The Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care: top 10 skin conditions

This week we continue our quest for amazing skin and how we can achieve it in a facial. In the first article in the series, we discussed why working with an esthetician and investing in that relationship has immense benefits that lead to results. In the second article, we discussed why it’s imperative to first pinpoint our genetics and skin type for proper exfoliation and ingredient usage before a facial.  In this article, we will examine the next building block that makes up the Anatomy of Amazing Skin Care: analyzing what is the condition of your skin.


top 10 skin conditions Iperoxo Prosopo


Top 10 skin conditions and concerns

So, here we are in the facial room, we have just cleansed your skin, quickly determined your genetic background and skin type and now we turn to you, the client, and ask you what your concerns are.

Inevitably, there are always a few complaints; and these are always the top 10 concerns, starting from the most common:

  1. wrinkles & lack of firmness
  2. skin feels tight and dry
  3. excessive oil  
  4. backheads
  5. acne
  6. Spots, either hormonal or from sun
  7. dark circles under the eyes
  8. Broken (dilated) capillaries
  9. dullness
  10. Irritated skin

At this point, the professional esthetician will examine the skin closely with the aid of  the magnifying lamp to evaluate  the condition of your skin to determine  why it is a concern. A condition is defined as the state of health or a situation with respect to circumstance. So in essence, we are looking at the health of your skin which translates to your concerns. And these top 10 skin conditions don’t discriminate against any skin type–oily, dry, normal, or combination. This is because skin conditions are linked very, very closely to our overall health of our body. That means that even Southern and Northern Mediterraneans, (Greeks) can experience dryness or irritated skin, or any one of the above-mentioned concerns because our concerns depend on the “health” of our skin.   


External and Internal Issues

Scientifically, it’s a fact that the overall structure and function (histology) is basically the same in all humans — we all have oil glands, capillaries, cells, etc. Genetics determine how they will function — as oily, dry or normal. Conditions, on the other, that  become our personalized concerns, happen because of these type of factors:  

  • Internal body issues
  • External and Environmental issues

Any skin type and people of all ethnicities can experience any of these top 10 skin conditions due to external and internal factors which will dictate the health of our face at any certain time.

These conditions, as listed above, in fact, have these overall factors in common:

  • genetics
  • exposure to the elements
  • improper skin care product usage
  • stress
  • hormonal changes
  • pollutants and chemicals (such as smoking)
  • sun damage

Now, most of us as clients will focus on one or two issues during a facial that we are concerned about, despite what the esthetician also sees under the magnifying lamp. The esthetician will acknowledge the client’s concern, and then will also give a professional analysis. Some conditions and concerns are a combo package. For example excessive oil, blackheads, and acne usually can be seen on ethnic, thick skin like that of Greeks.


 Lifestyle and Well-Being

Once the client establishes what condition they would like to improve upon,  the esthetician can then build on which in-room treatment would be beneficial, such as a mask or advanced treatments, or a specific skin care line. However, to really manage and get to the root of problematic skin and not just treat the symptoms, we need to probe a little more into a client’s habits, lifestyle, and surroundings. This will give both client and esthetician real insight on how to achieve long lasting results.


Next in the ‘Iperoxo Prosopo’ series

In the next installment of ‘Iperoxo Prosopo’, we’ll review another element of the anatomy of amazing skin care. We’ll examine how your habits, nutrition and stress level affect your skin.


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