TV & Radio Host Jane Monzures Does Everything with Love

What’s Jane Monzures up to now? The multi-talented radio and TV host, entrepreneur, and philanthropist is ever-evolving. She perseveres, always tries to make a difference, and does everything with love.

Jane Monzures, host of ‘Living Healthy Chicago’, credits her success and motivation to the strong foundation set by her family.




Meet Jane Monzures

Jane Monzures grew up in Orland Park IL, with her siblings, Pete, Maria and George. Her father, Louis, was a retired Air Force colonel and the owner of a local Greek diner, The Wheel Inn. He was very active at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Oak Lawn. Her mother, Barbara, also an Air Force Veteran, worked as a school nurse in Joliet.  Jane associates strongly with and is extremely proud of her Greek heritage.

She said her family was very close-knit, and her parents always told them about the value of hard work and perseverance.

“My parents instilled in us the belief that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to.”

Her parents’ lessons have served her well. Jane said she uses these basic tenets in her life, and encourages others to do the same.


She shared them with us:

  • Don’t give up your dreams even when there is doubt.
  • Continue knocking on doors in search of new opportunities.
  • Never say no when an opportunity does
  • Continuously strive for the opportunity to make an impact.


A Little Girl’s Dream

As a little girl she had only one dream; when she grew up, she wanted to be on TV.

“Around the 4th grade, I began to act out the ‘Today Show’ with my father. I imagined myself as one of the hosts, walking around with a pretend microphone interviewing my dad. I would always say the shows’ hosts would be Jane, Deborah, Katie and Jane.” As in Jane Pauley, Deborah Norville, Katie Couric AND Jane Monzures.”

As she grew older, her passion also grew, and her dream began to take shape.

“I originally just wanted to do voiceovers on the radio. Then once I actually did my first voiceover, I wanted to do an entertainment report. Then I wanted to be a correspondent on TV. Then I wanted to be a radio show co-host. Then I wanted my own show and it goes on and on like that.  As I grow my dreams grow. It’s part of the process.”


1st big break

Many individuals focus on obstacles when pursuing their dreams, which ultimately hinders them. Instead, Jane focused on the opportunities provided, allowing her dreams to continue to grow and flourish.

In the mid-90s, she moved to Scottsdale, AZ, to run marketing and promotions for her brother George’s restaurant, Cajun House. When Jane was about to return to Chicago, she found out about a gig in radio promotions. Never one to pass up an opportunity, she unpacked her bags and stayed in Arizona to pursue the position. She became the station’s marketing director. It didn’t end there. By then, she’d won the hearts of a local TV station in Phoenix, and was hired to host a weekly segment called ‘Around Town’.


Hitting the airwaves

In 2002 she moved back to Chicago to pursue her radio and TV career. She became a co-host on the afternoon show at 97.9 FM The Loop, and host of ‘Homes Plus’ on CLTV.  In 2008, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work as a morning radio show host on 93 Dave-FM and as the in-arena host for the NBA Atlanta Hawks.  Jane loved her job but also loved that she was surrounded by a wonderful supportive Greek community, of which she remains very close to this day.

Over the years, Jane has also appeared on WILV, WIQI and WGN radio.


Living Healthy Chicago

Jane moved back to Chicago 2010. Her good friend, Lou Canellis was hosting a show called ‘Living Healthy Chicago’ on WGN-TV. He was making the transition to FOX 32 Chicago, and the show needed a new host.

“He told me about it, and I immediately knew that was a good fit. I wanted to be the next host.”

Living Healthy Chicago’ (check local listings for dates/times) encompasses and presents way to live a healthy life.  The show’s goal is to “educate, inform and entertain the audience.”

“There’s a thrill of sharing someone’s story. I love being able to reach out and be a right arm extension of the audience. Really, I almost see myself as more of a privileged audience member rather than a host. It’s like I get an education while I work. It’s amazing and I love it.”

The show features experts in all things health-related, from heart disease to bone health, diabetes to allergies, first aid to fertility, and nutrition to fitness.  Jane has interviewed such notable guests as: Dr. Clyde Yancy, head of cardiology at Northwestern University and former President of the American Heart Association; Dr. Cindy Zadikoff, researcher and neurologist for movement disorders at Northwestern Memorial Department of Neurology; Joyce Marter, psychotherapist from Urban Balance; famed chef, Jimmy Bannos, and many more.



Jane Monzures and her mother, Barbara, who passed away in October 2013.




In 2008, Jane’s mother was diagnosed with Corticol Basal Degeneration, a degenerative brain disease. She passed away in October 2013. Jane founded Live.Love.Life Foundation in 2010 to raise money to help fund research and create awareness of degenerative brain disorders.

“I watched my mom deteriorate from this disease that was practically unheard of. I founded the foundation to help spread the word, and raise money for research. My mom was a very spiritual and loving woman and this foundation continues to honor her by helping others who battle this awful disease.”

Jane is passionate about finding answers, treatments, and cures for degenerative brain disorders, and now serves the Parkinson and Movement Disorders Advisory Counsel at Northwestern University.


DIY by Jane

Jane has always been creative. Previously, she designed clothing and accessories for a fashion company she founded and operated for 10 years, called JEM-Stone. She loves to upcycle, and decided to capitalize on the do-it-yourself crafting movement that’s sweeping the country. This past year, she launched DIY by Jane, to help people turn something old into something really cool.

“I’m always looking for unique ways to turn the drab to fab and create home decor, clothing, crafts, costumes, gifts, and more.”

Jane has appeared on many TV local news programs showing her imaginative creations. She travels to London once a month to host crafts shows airing on Direct TV and Dish. Jane calls it “a home shopping channel for arts and crafts lovers”.

“My mom was very creative during her lifetime and crafting and creativity for me, is an expression of my mom’s spirit. It’s my way of keeping her around. It’s also a way for me to give back to society. If I can inspire just one person by doing a show, or craft, that’s a win for me. My job’s been done.”



Persevere, make a difference

Jane has taken her parents’ lessons, and used them to fuel her multi-faceted passions. She expresses herself in ways that impact not just a handful of people, but thousands at a time. Rather than focusing on obstacles, even while experiencing life adversities, Jane continues to evolve. She remains steadfast in her commitment to helping others. Ultimately, love, or the love of all human beings, governs and guides her actions.

“Everything I do, I do with love, because that’s what it’s all about.”

Jane Monzures

DIY by Jane


Living Healthy Chicago

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