January 15 Join the Greek Dinner Around the World

Greek Dinner Around the World seeks to promote Greek culture and all things Greek.


Three years ago, writer/photographer Keri Douglas had a vision: what if all of your friends from around the world could share a dinner — virtually of course — and celebrate the amazing world of all things Greek?


Meet Keri Douglas

Her father was an American diplomat, so Keri has lived all over the world. She says her “home” includes many cultures. Her Sicilian grandmother may have had some Greek roots, but Greece is special to her for another reason.


“Our family has always been thankful for the refuge in Greece after being evacuated out of Beirut during the Civil War. We will always remember the warmth and hospitality of the Greek people.”


As a child, she lived in Athens and Kifissia, and grew up on Greek cuisine, music, mythology, Greece’s archaeological heritage, and “the scent of the Mediterranean.” It didn’t take her long to fall in love with Greece and Greek culture.


Now based in Washington, DC, Keri is a strategic communications professional.  As a writer, she has interviewed CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, and trendsetters around the world. Inspired by her global roots, she is a documentary and abstract photographer and is passionate about discovering beauty in unexpected places, and exploring the unique connections of indigenous communities. No doubt, the culmination of these experiences has influence the creation of Greek Dinner Around the World.


Keri is the publisher of web magazine 9MusesNews.com, which features the latest trends in art, business and science.



Galaktobouriko. This creamy custard dessert is a crowd-pleaser.


Greek Dinner Around the World

January 15 has been designated as Greek Dinner Around the World Day. The first of these events took place in 2013. Keri said the concept came about following article she’d written about a short film on Kiveri, and a subsequentTwitter exchange with author Marjory McGinn who had just published Things Can Only Get Feta; plus bloggers Mary Platis, of California Greek Girl and Peter Minaki of Kalofagas, about ways to promote each other’s work. Many people joined in, including Yorgos Koropoulis of Maleas Olive Oil — we couldn’t possibly name them all. Keri told us that a restaurant in Australia also participated, and offered half priced wine to all patrons and free dinner to children; others are getting in on the fun, too.

“There was the old way of thinking that one person could only truly connect with another person by being in the same room. Now, with social media everyone can connect and join in global conversations. Plus, in this case, if one person buys something Greek and shares with others, perhaps more will individually contribute to the Greek economic recovery. The Greek Dinner Around the World reveals that anything is possible.”


In that first year, this “crazy idea” of each hosting a dinner the same day, and then sharing each other’s posts, led to more than 100 people around the world (that she knows of) hosting a dinner — with total participation at nearly one thousand. The second year, even more people took part, and it continues to grow. It’s become a tradition.


“It is amazing to experience and realize the influence of Greek diaspora, culture, heritage, and business around the world. Greek culture and traditions both classical and modern offer a lesson in resilience, generosity, and knowledge that benefits all people.”


Get the kids involved! 8 year-old Eleni Karamitsos shows us her dolmades.
Get the kids involved! It’s a great way to pass on traditions and recipes.


How to be part of Greek Dinner Around the World

This January 15, host a dinner party for one or more people. Use Greek products to create Greek dishes. Snap some photos and share them, along with a recipe. Tweet your experience, then RT (reTweet) others who are sharing their dinner party. Use the hashtags #GreekDinner and #EatGreek.


Now, get out your favorite Greek cookbook or look up recipes from your favorite Greek food bloggers. Shop at your local Greek market. Don’t forget the wine! There’s some amazing wine coming out of Greece these days. Select some of your favorite Greek music. Get ready top dance. Invite friends. Or take some friends to experience your favorite Greek restaurant. Savor the meal. Talk about your favorite Greek authors, films, or a recent trip to Greece. Share your love for all things Greek.


This gesture not only celebrates Greek cuisine, but promotes the amazing people, authors, chefs, wines, businesses, and more — everything connected to Greece and Greek culture. What a great excuse to get together with friends! Enjoy! And don’t forget to Tweet it!



Don’t forget the wine! Today’s Greek wines are taking the world by storm.
Maria A. Karamitsos

Maria A. Karamitsos

Founder & Editor at WindyCity Greek
For 10 years, Maria served as the Associate Editor and Senior Writer for The Greek Star newspaper. Her work has been published in GreekCircle magazine, The National Herald, GreekReporter, Harlots Sauce Radio, Women.Who.Write, Neo magazine, KPHTH magazine, and more. Maria has contributed to three books: Greektown Chicago: Its History, Its Recipes; The Chicago Area Ethnic Handbook; and the inaugural Voices of Hellenism Literary Journal.
Maria A. Karamitsos

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