BOOK REVIEW: Devil of Delphi by Jeffrey Siger

Jeffrey Siger ups the ante in Devil of Delphi, a fascinating tale involving an international counterfeiting ring threatening not only Greece’s tourism industry, but also longstanding political dynasties.

In the seventh thriller in the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis series, Greece’s own Good Guy Brigade is reunited with the demented international criminal they met in Mykonos After Midnight.


Bomba. Counterfeit versions of wine and spirits have penetrated a trillion-dollar worldwide market, including Greece. Technology has allowed the counterfeiters to produce labels so authentic, only a trained eye could see the difference; people don’t realize they aren’t imbibing the real thing. This alcohol, sold cheaply, is spreading like wildfire, especially to tourist hotspots, bringing in big profits. But there’s a problem: some distributors are stealing from the boss, poisoning the booze, and creating all sorts of complications – and affecting her bottom line. She’s provided them a good living. They dare to cross her, and it’s time to teach them a lesson.


Enter Kharon, a wily and sought-after assassin, who had planned to leave his profession and settle into a quiet life in Delphi. The aptly named killer – namesake of the ferryman of Hades who carries souls across the river Styx – finds his plans interrupted when she seeks his assistance to keep her distributors in line. With an offer he can’t refuse, he becomes her henchman.

Jeff Siger at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago in 2013
Jeff Siger at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago in 2013


Murder and extreme manipulations of the truth and media threaten reputations and lives, and even Greece’s government. Just when you think the investigation gets a break, another bomb threatens to explode. Who lives? Who dies?


I don’t know how he does it, but Siger outdoes himself each time. His gripping stories take you on an adventure; you can’t put them down. Kaldis, his family, and his co-workers have become our friends. We cheer them on, and we get scared for them too. Adept at creating plots so believable, Siger gets to the heart of issues in Greek society, peeks into the minds of the bad guys, and shows us that good guys still exist. The inspiration of living in Mykonos part of the year, his years as a New York attorney and his gift for crafting a story come together to bring us another winner, destined for best-seller status. Can’t wait for Kaldis’ next adventure. So much corruption, so little time. Pick up a copy.

Devil of Delphi

By: Jeffrey Siger

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

ISBN-10: 1464204322 Hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-1464204326 Trade Paperback

Publication date: October 6, 2015

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