Kefi-Brain Strong: Get the Right Mindset

Kefi-Brain Strong

Yeia sou! Hope it’s Kefi-filled New Year! The right mindset will help set you up for success. I like to call this, ‘Kefi-Brain Strong’.


Kefi-Brain Strong

The start of 2017 is an intangible, yet viable opportunity to do something great, something different, and something meaningful and enriching. Getting Kefi-Brain Strong will help get you on your way.


Looking back at 2016

At the end of 2016, I looked back and I thought about what I did right and what could I have done better. I thought this would help to determine what habits/routines I should implement in the new year. I also wanted to take advantage of a clean slate and meet my “great goals,” for the upcoming year.

Upon evaluating the past 12 months, I realized that in reality, it’s not a clean slate — 2017 is merely a continuation of what I’ve been building my entire life. However, I did realize that last year I did a lot right towards my “great goals,” with room for further growth.

Furthermore, the essence of doing anything right or for improvement all stems from our mindset, and the ongoing activity that takes place in our mind.

Wrap your head around the previous statement because all we do begins with our thoughts — the ones which continually occupy our brain.



Kefi-Brain Strong
Don’t put yourself last. Make yourself a priority and get Kefi-Brain Strong. COURTESY KIKI VALE


Self-care crucial for Kefi-Brain Strong

Beyond that, it’s even more crucial to use our minds to care for ourselves above all else, so we can live in a strong and healthy body in order to manage ourselves and lead/serve others. Whatever our goals are, and whatever we want to achieve, if we are not living in a healthy state, chances are we will flounder mentally and physically prohibiting the desired resolution.

A while back I heard a friend, who happens to be a Ph.D., say that we must never abandon ourselves. The hearing of his use of the word, “abandon” set my wheels turning and thinking about my self-care. The younger Kiki never considered “self” a priority. Only through age and a painful back injury did I seriously begin to embrace my well-being as my daily responsibility and personal obligation.

When our mind and body are in a good place we can deal with, or prioritize, all the stuff that comes our way…good or bad. We can mentally stay on track through it all. Taking care of our bodies allows us to feel mentally and physically good and strong, and it gives us strength to deal with crisis, stress, disappointment, change, adversity, illness and all of that. A situation may not be easy, but how we deal with it through a clear mind and our confidence within, will create a more manageable journey. Truly, as we travel our path, hopefully due north, every experience will be defined by our mental choices.

So how do we use our minds to stay healthy/take care of ourselves, live well, improve and meet our goals this year?


Simply put, we get KEFI-BRAIN STRONG!


Kefi-Brain Strong is a combination of quality:

  • nutrition
  • movement
  • thoughts
  • prayer
  • mediation
  • positivity
  • restful sleep


Mind/body connection

The mind/brain is a commodity that requires attention.

According to CNN Health, an estimated 47 million people globally have a disease that is robbing brain cells. Alzheimer’s disease rates are projected to triple by 2050.

The Alzheimer’s Association has released a study that reports there are things you can do to keep memory loss at bay:

  • exercise
  • continue education
  • don’t smoke
  • get adequate sleep
  • stay socially engaged
  • learn new things
  • take care of your mental health
  • eat a healthy diet

Furthermore, scientists know that people who are careful with diet and exercise have healthier brains. A 2015 study from the journal Neurology suggests that a Mediterranean diet, which includes wine, may help make your brain about five years younger. The Mediterranean diet involves eating meals made up mostly of plants: fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grain carbs. Fish and poultry are recommended twice a week, and cook it all with olive oil. The study also showed that a higher consumption of fish was associated with keeping your brain young. The latest Mediterranean diet research builds on further evidence that reveals it will help you live longer, manage your weight better, and lower your risk for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

One might say that when we choose to eat well, we think well — and ultimately we live well.

The Tufts Health Plan reports that our daily food choices make a big difference in our health. Dense nutrition will improve our ability to fight off illness, improve ability to recover from illness or injury, increase energy level, and improve well-being. The culmination of these results allow us to mentally focus on our goals for the year instead of regrouping from a weakened mind and or body.


Meditation and prayer

Apart from nutrition, meditation and prayer could be equally important to improving your mental and physical wellbeing.

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical school, has observed that meditation/prayer is one of the best things for the health of your mind and body.

“It’s one of the best ways to get rid of all of the negative emotions and allow the positive ones to rise to the surface.”



Additionally, positivity is linked to Kefi. You have the capability to direct yourself to live in this mindset, the one that focuses on what you want to accomplish this year. Rid yourself of any limitations you have put on yourself. I believe Mark Twain had Kefi for he knew that mind over matter thinking was helpful to living positively.

“If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

What does matter this year is the standard at which we live our lives so that we may evolve.

Aristotle believed and said it best:

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

Therefore, let us develop and put to use a mind that will lead us to become excellent in all we do. That’s Kefi-Brain Strong!

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