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It’s my privilege to contribute here, where you can receive and spread Kefi!


This past June and July I bumped into several readers of my former column and they all inquired where they could find positive energy and me.  WindyCity Greek is one place that each of you can regularly check in and feel alive, be engaged and experience Kefi. I expect, and look forward to your response and comments to keep Kefi evolving. I also invite you to email, FB and Twitter follow me! All of these opportunities will hopefully prompt you to work towards something that will enlighten and empower you beyond your wildest dreams! In the meantime…


Kiki’s Kefi from Summer 2015 fueled my desire to create a new bucket list– let’s talk about this today.


Sparks started to fly in early August when my family and I traveled down to the Florida Keys to go snorkeling. This summer vacation was unique in that we desired the opportunity to do something new and different other than just sunbathe– but what’s really wrong with bronzing in the sweet sun?  Anyhow, my husband wanted to share some of his past exploits, which would introduce us to a whole new world.  Swimming in the ocean alongside rainbow fish, lobster, coral reef, sting rays, turtles, sea fans, sea urchins and all forms of sea life was a glimpse into a positive life force that exists via ease and harmony.  Each life form was gliding, swimming, habituating and exploring from one point to the next, all the while respecting the other’s individuality.


Kiki Vale and her family on an Kefi-filled adventure at Coral Reef State Park
Kiki Vale and her family on an Kefi-filled adventure at Coral Reef State Park.


There are many worldwide destinations for snorkeling, but Grecian Dry Rock in Key Largo, Florida, is unlike other places. The Sunshine State is the only state in the continental United States to have extensive shallow coral reef formations near its coasts. Coral reefs create specialized habitats that provide shelter, food, and breeding sites for numerous plants and animals, including spiny lobster, snapper, and other commercial and recreational species. Coral reefs lay the foundation of a dynamic ecosystem with tremendous biodiversity. Florida’s coral reefs came into existence 5,000 to 7,000 years ago, when sea levels rose following the last Ice Age. Incidentally, reef growth is relatively slow; an individual colony may grow one-half inch to 7 inches a year, depending on the species. Experiencing the exciting coral reef formation and underwater magic motivated us to plan a return trip.  Next time, we’ll go on an excursion about six miles east-northeast of the Key Largo Cut so we can high five Christ of the Abyss; an 8-1/2 foot, 4,000 pound bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ, which stands in 25 feet of water off of Key Largo.


As we discovered over the summer, there is so much to learn about life below the sea and in nature, which is why it should be mandatory for every human to be a life learner via a Kefi-Bucket List.


Snorkeling in Florida further fueled Kiki's Kefi Spirit!
Snorkeling in Florida further fueled Kiki’s Kefi Spirit!


For those who haven’t heard the term “bucket list”, it’s a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you desire to experience, before you die. You create your own bucket list and it only costs time to write it down.


May I share my rough draft Kefi Bucket List with you now? 

*Walk and pray with my family in Jerusalem

*Tour Normandy, France

*Cycle the chateaus of Bordeaux

*Converse fluently in French

*Become a Greek translator

*Throw a party set to the most beautiful sunset in the world in Oia, Santorini

*Travel to ancient Greece to experience past and present

*Run a race in Haleakala Maui, as the sun is rising

*Visit the ancient and modern Seven Wonders of the World

*Visit the Grand Canyon

*Visit Auschwitz concentration camp

*See Da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper, in Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Milan.

*Visit the Statue of Liberty

*Visit the 911 memorial

*Become well-versed about the life of Abraham Lincoln

*Read 50 biographies

*Read the entire Orthodox Bible

*Finish writing my book

*Stage my radio comeback

*Produce and host the Kefi Mediterranean Cooking television show

*Raise and donate one million dollars to apply towards finding a Diabetes cure

*Take my parents on a memorable European excursion

*Inspire and lead my fellow friends in Kefi to live a WHOLE AND WELL LIFE!

As I travel and learn each and every day, I am certain that I will revise and update my list, but for today the aforementioned are my personal goals.


Have you thought about your bucket list?  It’s never too early or too late to paint your canvas. Share your list in the comments, or feel free to engage in Kefi via Email, Facebook and Twitter.


Here’s to YOUR Kefi Bucket List, and perhaps I have sparked your interest in snorkeling under the sea!


Stop by again for another dose of Kiki Kefi. It’s contagious!

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