KEFI: Thalassa

Kefi Thalassa

Feeling the KEFI today? If not, you just might need some vitamin SEA! Read on to find out why you need to get to the thalassa for a KEFI — and life — recharge!

Thalassophiles have KEFI

Much KEFI and love to you! I’m feeling the effects of this positive energy as I prepare for the summer season, and frequent visits to my favorite place on earth…the sea.

Due to my deep, passionate love of the sea, my husband has dubbed me a Thalassophile.

Thalassophile: A lover of the sea.

Leave it to the Greeks to create a word that is so fabulous!

But WHAT is so fabulous about the thalassa?

Kiki gets KEFI from the thalassa. The sea has many therapeutic and healing properties. IMAGE: KIKI VALE

Vitamin SEA for KEFI

Is it the natural attraction, or the actual medicinal healing properties found in the thalassa? Is it the way the thalassa looks, feels, sounds, provides, nourishes, cleanses, heals, relaxes, changes — or the fact that the thalassa has a different personality every day?

Since the beginning of time, humans have healed and transformed themselves through the properties of the sea. According to Surfer Today, the health benefits are numerous. We begin with the water itself; it contains mineral salts, which paired with the sun is a regenerative experience to the human body. Doctors agree that because of the nutrients found in the sea, sea water can cure ulcers, lupus, and even psoriasis.

Research shows that the number of red blood cells increases between 5-20% after a swim or bath in the sea. Thus, the thalassa strengthens the immune system. Additionally, the sea water slows down the development of rheumatism by combining it with exercise, which is a great natural medication for muscle pain and arthritis.


Science confirms it

If we look scientifically at the thalassa, we discover that it can detoxify and restore our body’s natural balance. First of all, the iodized sea air fills your lungs with energy while walking along the beach. Once you get into the sea, the salt cleanses your skin and eliminates the toxins in your body. Whatever your physical feeling, at the point at which you enter a warm or even cool brisk sea, your body begins to feel light and it instinctively has the sensation to float or glide with the motion of the water. This feeling is therapeutic.

Speaking of therapeutics, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, viewed a physician as a facilitator of nature. In antiquity, all medical treatment was aimed at enabling the natural existence of the organism to prevail and overcome the disease.

Translation: the body is created to heal itself.

Furthermore, Hippocrates prescribed the following natural treatments to cure a patient; diet, gymnastics, exercise, massage, hydrotherapy, and sea bathing. Many concur that these ancient prescriptions apply today.



Get your vitamin SEA in Greece this summer

If you are a thalassophile traveling to Greece this summer, may I suggest a visit to the sea at one of the following Greek beaches.

  1. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, considered one of the most recognized beaches in the world. The steep cliffs surrounding the sea make this hydro destination a must. Arrive via boat from Porto Vromi and enjoy!
  2. Lalaria Beach in Skiathos is legendary for the emerald green colored water and smooth white pebbles. Water is soothing to the eye and calming to human flesh.
  3.  Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia nestled between Assos and Argostoli is visually breathtaking and physically healing. If you’re lucky enough to travel to this beach, you’re certain to be mesmerized by the white sand, little pebbles and high cliffs.
  4. Balos Beach, Crete is one of Greece’s most exotic beaches and one of the finest in the Mediterranean. The sand glistens pink and white, the water combines the most stunning shades of blue and green, which in itself is therapeutic to gaze upon and swim in.  Once entering the water, one wonders is it real or placebo?
  5. Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada sits at the foot of an enormous white cliff that turns orange with the sunset. A visit here is advantageous to your well-being for all the obvious reasons, plus it has been voted one of the top six best beaches to visit in the entire Mediterranean.


Thalassa for life

This thalassophile gets authentic KEFI when dipping her toe in the sand or immersing her entire body under the sea, or walking for miles and miles alongside the water. The thalassa evokes a sense of freedom, the desire to live healthfully and whole. It is spiritual, energizing, and hopeful as I see God there with all the potential that life has to offer. The thalassa is a large mass of healing water that is adventurous and ever-changing, all wrapped up in the motion of KEFI.

What’s so fabulous about the thalassa? All this and more. Thalassophiles unite! Let’s get KEFI!

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