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Yiasou fee-leh! (Hello my friend!) Thank you for returning for your dose of Kiki KEFI. This month we will talk about beauty that inspires us, and reignites our inner Hellenistic ethos.


Hope your KEFI meter is jumping in the red section. If it isn’t, and you would like it to be, then sit back and read about an energetic, talented, and larger-than-life artist who reignites one’s inner Hellenistic ethos through his beautiful jewelry. Perhaps you have seen Konstantino’s work.


The Quest for Konstantino Jewelry

I have been a fan of Konstantino’s work for decades, admiring his vast collections, which include necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. However, it wasn’t until 2006, that I began collecting them, with my first purchase playing out in his Athens boutique.

The thought of buying an original Konstantino cross in the country where the designs and creative process were born, was a thrilling event for me. That year my family was visiting loved ones in Greece — Corinth to be specific — and during this trip, my sisters and I planned a day of “SHE-Power” in the capitol; shopping, sightseeing and dining under the Acropolis were all on the agenda.

Our first stop, that hot day in July, was Plaka; I had to find my special cross  We arrived at Konstantino‘s fashionable and distinctive boutique, where we were greeted by a woman behind the counter, whom I can still describe today: tall, slender, grayish hair, glasses, and quite chic — not the typical look of a native female. Aphrodite was well-versed on the exquisite jewelry, and presented to me exactly what I had envisioned buying. One of my sisters and I invested in the same styled stavro (cross), adorned with 5 stones set in gold and silver, which I dearly love and frequently wear to this day. Έγινε — done, I found just the right cross for me, the only thing better that day would have been to meet the artist who created it.  


Kefi Konstantino Hellenistic Ethos
Kiki Vale met designer Konstantino last year in Chicago.

Meeting Konstantino

Fast forward ten years and seven pieces later, I learned that Konstantino would make a personal appearance at one of his Chicago trunk shows, with the exclusive opportunity to have all of one’s pieces signed by him. So one weekend last November, I took my favorite bracelets, crosses, earrings, and pendant to be signed, and took the opportunity to meet and chat with the mythical designer.

Konstantino Sioulas, similar to the mood of his jewelry, is unforgettable, spirited, and passionate. His presence epitomizes KEFI – living life to the absolute fullest — which he does through his life and his creations. A love of Greece and her philosophy, equate to the foundation of every Konstantino piece of jewelry.

He lovingly explained that the elements of ancient Greece — the art, architecture, history and mythology, are one with him.

“It is the άνθρωποι (people) who inspire me. My creations are a mirror of sensitivity, which reflect the beauty of everyday experiences.”

The artist was born and raised in the tiny village of Melitea, and educated in Athens. He opened his first store on the island of Hydra; today, Konstantino jewelry is sold all over the world. Known globally for his unique designs and craftsmanship, all designs are inspired by the Byzantine and ancient Greek civilizations, and each piece is individually handcrafted in Athens, out of sterling silver, 18k gold, and precious stones. Konstantino’s timeless works of art are achieved by combining classical Greek designs with modern artistry, a kind of emotional experience with past and present. Of this artistry, he said:

“The challenge in life and in creating, is to be open, like the boundless sea. Forget the port — it’s for repair — instead, ride the waves and live adventure.”



Konstantino’s got KEFI, inspires KEFI

You could say each Konstantino masterpiece is adventurous, certainly a reflection of a definitive and enduring Greece. With 26 collections for women and 15 collections for men, the most discerning of buyers is sure to find a keepsake.

For me, the very essence of living is an adventure; that is why Konstantino vividly reminds me of one who exudes the KEFI spirit! He set his life in motion to that which he loves, using his gifts to create and produce art, which evokes emotion, beauty and positivity.

Anything that is good and beautiful attracts the ανθρώπινος (human), and that is a high form of KEFI to be near or be like.   

Let us be inspired to live our passion, to be one with our Hellenistic ethos — our KEFI.


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