Lira Clinical Harnesses the Power of Chios Mastic

What do you get when one of Greece’s ancient superfoods is combined with the knowledge of modern day science? An amazing skin care line by Lira Clinical.

Lira Clinical and Chios mastic

Chios Mastic is the key to an amazingly effective and successful skin care line developed by Lira Clinical. Read on to learn more about the benefits of mastic, the Greek-American women behind Lira, and how and why it works.


Lira Clinical harvests the wonders of Chios Mastiha for an amazing new skincare line.


What is Mastic

While Greeks always new about mastic, the rest of the world is just discovering this secret of the ancients. Mastic (Pistacia Lentiscus), also called mastiha, was once considered by the ancients to be the nectar of youth. It’s a resinous gum that’s loaded with medicinal properties. The gum is exuded by the bark of the mastic tree, which grows primarily on the Greek island of Chios.

While there are other areas of the Mediterranean that produce various versions of these shrubs, the southern part of Chios is where the so called mastihohoria or mastic villages reside. These villages are where the famous mastiha tears are located. These tears are not only what makes Chios mastic unique, but also superior to other mastic. Why?

The environment (volcanic ash and minerals), climate (unique temps) and cultivation processes found in these mastic villages, make for a product with benefits that have not been duplicated elsewhere. This is obviously worth protecting! Mastic villages are protected by the European Union as a protected designation of origin (PDO). Let’s learn more about these miracle shrubs.


The Trees

Mastic trees are evergreen shrubs with life spans of more than 100 years that can reach up to 5 meters high when mature. According to the Chios Mastic Growers Association (CMGA), the cooperative of growers established in 1938, the average annual yield per tree is 150-180 grams of mastiha, with some trees yielding more in rare cases. Similar varieties of trees can be found in other regions of the Mediterranean, but only those found in Chios offer the precious “tears.”


The Resin

Mastic resin (or tears) are exuded through cuts in the tree trunks and left to solidify on the ground under the shrubs, resulting in the gum. They’re then collected based on size of granule. The resin contains contains more than 80 therapeutic and aromatic components, some of this the CMPA said are found in nature for the first time. Synergistic properties found in the gum make these components much more potent than when used individually.


Lira Clinical founders at a recent industry event. (L to R): Brenda Cumming, and Greek-Americans Anna Konstantin, Francine Kagarakis, and Metaxia Dalikas. IMAGE:


History and Benefits of Mastic

Mediterranean peoples have been using mastic as medicine for gastrointestinal ailments for thousands of years. While the origins of the use of mastic have been lost in the mists of time, formal knowledge can be traced back to writings by the ancient Greek physician Dioscorides, the father of pharmacology. At that time, he observed that mastic was an effective agent for treating various forms of “internal bleeding, indigestion, blood reproduction and a tranquilizer.”

Today, we know through scientifically validated studies that Dioscorides was right.  Mastic has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively eradicates specific bacteria, most notably Helicobacter pylori. It’s an effective treatment for acid reflux, gastritis, fungal infections, and inflammatory bowel disease. Studies show that respiratory problems, heart burn, ulcers, and high cholesterol have all been reduced by the ingestion of mastic.

Mastic has antioxidant properties and contains a number of compounds like linalool that have health-enhancing effects. Linalool, by the way, is the same substance found in lavender, orange, rose, and jasmine oils. It can heal and regenerate skin.

It’s a diuretic, cleans teeth, is an effective mouthwash, and prevents periodontitis and gingivitis. It’s also antiviral and chewing mastic gum is even recommended for jaw sculpting, if you prefer a more angular jaw line!

Currently, Chios mastic is used in food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals cosmetics, perfume, and even skin care.


VIDEO: An aesthetician’s shares her experience with Lira Clinical products


Mastic for skin care: Enter Lira Clinical

Lira Clinical is a corrective skin care line that incorporates Chios mastic into many of its products. Their belief? That science reveals natures secrets, and in the case of Lira, the ancients secrets’ as well!

Founders of Lira Clinical include Greek-Americans Metaxia Dalikas, Anna Konstantin, and Francine Kagarakis, plus Brenda Cumming. Combining their backgrounds in the beauty industry with a passion for change, the partners formed a company that created the most up-to-date, scientifically proven products for effective skin care.

Their products contain multiple natural and beneficial ingredients such as plant stem cells, advanced peptides, botanicals, vitamins and minerals, and of course, mastic! Through cleansers, polishers, masques, serums, eye creams, and beauty oils, formulated with their very own masq-tech trademarked technology, these products are offered exclusively through licensed skin care and medical professionals.

For the three Greek-American founders, their culture, heritage, and ancient roots are just part of the driving force behind the team. Lira has won several recent awards including the LNE and Spa’s ‘Best Product for 2016’, along with the Fortune Award for the past 4 years. With documented support from various scientific laboratories, chemists, the Chios Mastic Growers Association, plus friends and family, they’ve produced a line that is not only effective but preventative as well.

Lira’s products are anti-inflammatory, hydrating, healing, lightning, pore-refining, balancing, collagen-building and regenerating. The products’ formulation and the delivery of quality ingredients (hello mastic!), along with their synergistic combinations make for an extremely effective product.

I gave their products a try, and my own personal experience supports this as well. I personally noticed a difference in my skin with just two uses!


The secret’s out

The mastiha secret is out, and Lira is growing fast. Currently, the Northern California-based company employs 35 employees and reps. The products are distributed primarily through doctors, nurses, and licensed aestheticians. The company now has a worldwide reach. With an international hub in Ireland, Lira products are distributed to the Netherlands, Russia, Australia, and Middle East.

Using mastic oil, granule, and extract, all originating from Chios, Lira continues to improve and update their products with the newest and most current technology. This allows them to not only ensure that they produce the best products possible, but they also can accommodate and benefit a variety of skin types and colors.

It’s hard to refute Lira’s claim to effectiveness and quality, not only from my own anecdotal perspective but from a scientific one as well. With a multitude of validated scientific studies backing up Lira’s claims for healthy skin, it’s hard to NOT want to permanently add their products (and mastic) to your overall self-care regimen. If science is the key to nature’s secrets, Lira Clinical seems to have already discovered it with the topical use of mastic.

The founders acknowledged the support of CMGA in building Lira Clinical.

“We send a special thank you to the Chios Mastiha Growers Association and Eleutheria Koinari and Miltiadis Sarantinidis for all they do. Their support has been integral to our success, and we’re so grateful.

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