Looking for Things to Do? Chicago Greek Eleni Masouras is Your Guide

Chicago Greek Eleni Masouras of Your Chicago Weekend

We often ask, “What should we do this weekend?” Chicago Greek Eleni Masouras answers the question for you, with ‘Your Chicago Weekend’. Check it out!

Meet Chicago Greek Eleni Masouras

Born in Greece and raised in the Chicagoland area, Eleni Masouras loves the Windy City. She traces her Greek roots to Messinia.

Eleni is a people person. This led her to Northern Illinois University, where she earned a degree in Marketing with a minor in communications. Eleni completed the acting and scene study program at Second City and has studied television production at Columbia College. She’s appeared in television, film, commercials, and theater. Her most notable work includes appearing on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Eleni also has experience working on various sets as a production assistant. She loves video production, and can film and edit her own footage. In addition to her media and acting experience, Eleni has several years of business experience working in various roles with fortune 500 companies. She’s represented by DeSanti Talents Agency.


Chicago Greek Eleni Masouras is the writer, producer, and host of ‘Your Chicago Weekend’. IMAGE: yourchicagoweekend.com


Creating ‘Your Chicago Weekend’

Eleni has always been interested in learning about local events and different ways to explore the city and suburbs. She brought these interests together to launch ‘Your Chicago Weekend’ in 2015. The web series provides a plethora of ideas for ways to spend your weekends in the Chicagoland area. Eleni is the writer, producer, and host.

“I love exploring new places and sharing them with my viewers.”  

Video tours follow Eleni to various places, including Greektown, Chicago Botanic Gardens, Lynfred Winery, and other places, providing recommendations on things to see and do in the Chicagoland area. She often interviews business owners and more. ‘Focus on a Local’ is a popular segment, in which she interviews a local resident to get their ideas for things to do on the weekend.

“They give us their recommendation for a weekend activity, and we try it out.”

There’s also a blog, where she lists other places to check out.


Watch the Show Reel from ‘Your Chicago Weekend’


Find things to do in Chicago

Eleni is always looking around for enjoyable and interesting things to do, in arts, entertainment, dining, travel, and shopping, plus fun classes and outdoor adventures.

“I’m having so much fun with this. It’s growing in popularity, and there are still so many weekend ideas to explore. We’re grateful for our loyal following. Viewers have mentioned that I’ve provided great suggestions.”

Immensely proud of her Greek heritage, Eleni created a video to share with her viewers.

“I created a video on Greektown to showcase and educate my audience on where someone can go in the city during the weekend if they want to try Greek cuisine and learn about the Greek culture. The response to this video has been great.”

The video was recently screened at the 2017 Greek Film Fest in Chicago to enthusiastic response.


Where will Eleni go next? You’ll have to check it out and see!

Find things to do at ‘Your Chicago Weekend’: website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube


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