REVIEW: A Time to Tell

A Time to Tell by Maria Savva delves into the world of family secrets. Does the truth really set you free?


Meet Maria Savva

London-based author Maria Savva was working as a lawyer when she discovered that writing was her true calling. Today, she’s a prolific writer with several published novels to her credit. She’s also a music blogger for the UK Arts Directory.


2nd edition

First published in 2006, A Time to Tell has been revised and re-edited for this second edition, to be released on October 14, 2015. At that time, self-publishing was not prevalent, and the book was released with a small publisher. Online publishing tools opened up a whole new world for Maria; her subsequent books have all been self-published. She recently took back the rights to A Time to Tell, and decided to self-publish it, with some changes.


“When I was getting ready to self-publish A Time to Tell, I decided to read it over and found that my writing style has changed. The second edition is slightly different from the first; most won’t really notice, but I did include a few extra scenes not included in the first edition. I tried to stay true to the story, but have kept it closer to my current writing style. I’ve found that being a writer is a continuous learning experience. I am learning something new with each book and story I write.”


About A Time to Tell

Now widowed, Cara who is afflicted with multiple sclerosis, lives with her granddaughter and her family. Her granddaughter, Penelope, is abused by her husband. Cara turns the volume on the television louder to mask the sounds. She is scared for her granddaughter, but feels vulnerable because of her situation.

After Penny finds the courage to leave her husband, Cara is forced to stay with her sister, Gloria, in the house where they were raised. The two have been at odds for years, and have barely spoken in decades. Cara and Gloria are forced to confront what came between them so many years before, and resulted in even more secrecy. Being in that house brings up more for Cara than she bargained for, and she must confront long-held secrets, that affect the entire family.

Cara is forced to deal with the ghosts of her past, and her secrets begin coming out one by one. How does this affect her family? Then she comes face-to-face with the man who changed her life so many years ago. Is it possible that love can last over decades, through lives that went in other directions? Is love that strong? If it’s meant to be, will it always find a way?


Review of A Time to Tell

A Time to Tell explores multiple themes, including love, fate, domestic violence, and those dreaded family secrets. Though closely guarded, these secrets have far-reaching impact, and can affect the lives and fates of multiple generations, and in untold ways. Typically those who hold these secrets suffer in silence, thinking it’s best to not reveal the truth. This leads to an internal struggle to determine whether the truth can really set you free, or make things more difficult. They fail to realize how these secrets affect others, and the ultimate cost. In this well-written story, Maria reminds us that fate is often more powerful than we think, and that keeping secrets – even long-held and well-intentioned ones – can alter lives in dramatic ways.


What’s Next

Maria is working on three other projects at the moment. Watch for Book 4 in the Mind’s Eye series, which she started last year with photographer Martin David Porter and author Darcia Helle. Also, she is in the editing stages of a new short story collection, called, “Lost and Found.” She’s also writing a new novel, called In the Web of Dreams and Lies, which is “part fantasy/paranormal, and part romance, with a bit of horror and comedy thrown in for good measure.”



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A Time to Tell

By Maria Savva


Publisher: Rose And Freedom Books; 2 edition (October 14, 2015)

Publication Date: October 14, 2015

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