Most Read Articles of 2018

It’s the end of the year! And what a year it was. Now, it’s time to reveal the most read articles of 2018. Let’s go!

Most Read Articles of 2018

2018 was quite a year! We introduced you to some awesome Greeks this year. From people, to businesses, to travel, to book reviews, to health, to organizations — and so much more — we shared some great stories. Now, the end of the year is upon us, and it’s our tradition to reveal the most read articles of the year. So let’s get to it! Ready?


Most Read Articles of 2018


Top 20 Articles of the Year

Some articles received a ton of views this year. Now it’s time to reveal what they are. Here we go!


20. Tolmee: Company Goes Bold in Support of Greek Artisans

Co-founded by a Greek-American, Tolmee supports Greek artisans and businesses and brings their unique works to the U.S. Learn more! Read more


19. Women’s History Month: Greek-American Documentary Filmmaker Shelly Papadopoulos

Next in our celebration of Women’s History Month, meet Greek-American Filmmaker Shelly Papadopoulos, preserving SoCal’s Greek history, one doc at a time. Read more


18. How Greek-American Playwright/Actor Adam Kalesperis Bridges Cultural Gaps

Greek-American Playwright and Actor Adam Kalesperis takes his talent abroad to show youth how the performing arts can help to shape their lives in positive, creative ways. Learn more! Read more



Greek-American actor & co-founder of BRIDGE Theatre Project, Adam Kalesperis
Greek-American actor, playwright, and co-founder of BRIDGE Theatre Project, Adam Kalesperis. IMAGE: Taso Papadakis

17. You’ll Fall in Love with Crete, Too!

Have you ever been to Crete? This amazing Greek island stole our hearts! Come along on our 4-day trek to Crete. You will fall in love too. (photos & video) Read more


16. Do You Have the Post Greece Blues? – Part 1

Did you experience Post Greece Blues (PGB) on your return from Greece this year? Did you even know that it’s a real thing? Learn more & get tips to help. Read more


15. Greek Cultural Resources: Saving Our Musical Heritage

Greek music is intrinsic to our Greek identity, but this history is getting lost. Greek Cultural Resources is working to save our musical legacy. Read on. Read more


By following some simple suggestions, you can keep the good feelings going, and significantly reduce -- the Post Greece Blues.
By following some simple suggestions, you can keep the good feelings and benefits going, and significantly reduce — the Post Greece Blues. IMAGE: PIXABAY


14. Greek-American in Greece: Meet Susan Krajniak [Q&A]

Next up in “Greek-American in Greece”, our longest-running and most popular series, meet Michigan native Susan Krajniak. Read more


13. Meet the 2018 PanHellenic Scholarship Recipients

On June 16, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation will award scholarships to exceptional Greek-American undergrads. Meet them! Read more


12. Here’s Why You Should Join a Hellenic Student Association [Q&A]

On February 17, Chicago area Hellenic Student Associations will host the 14th annual PanHellenic Youth Ball. Ahead of the event, we asked members why they got involved. Find out! Read more


Greek-American Perry Panagiotakopolos at his wine bistro η Καντοινα (I Kantoina) in Kalamata. IMAGE: MARIA A. KARAMITSOS
Greek-American Perry Panagiotakopolos at his wine bistro η Καντοινα (I Kantoina) in Kalamata. IMAGE: MARIA A. KARAMITSOS


11. REVIEW: ‘Lament from Epirus’ by Christopher C. King

Grammy-winning producer and avid record collector Christopher C. King shares his discovery of the music and heart of Epirus, in a new book released today. Read more


10. Let’s Speak Greek! International Greek Language Day is February 9

Ας μιλήσουμε Ελληνικά! This February 9, join in this initiative designed to spread Greek language and culture around the world. Read more


9. Ancient Greeks: 7 Ways to Fall in Love

All you need is love — and according to the Ancient Greeks, there are many different kinds of love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, find out about the 7 kinds of love and their meanings, and how to apply them to your life! Read more

'Lament from Epirus' by Christopher C. King


8. Women’s History Month: Maria Spiropulu – Greek-American Physicist

It’s Women’s History Month! In this first in our series featuring several contemporary, trailblazing Greek women, meet Greek-American Physicist Maria Spiropulu, PhD. Read more


7. Greek-American Steven Galanis Provides the Ultimate Fan Experience with Cameo

Ever wished you could get a personalized message from your fave celeb? Now you can! Learn about Cameo and Greek-American Co-Founder & CEO Steven Galanis. Read more


6. Greek-American in Greece Follow-up: Kalamata-based Entrepreneur Perry Panagiotakopoulos

This summer in Kalamata, we caught up with Perry Panagiotakopoulos, featured in our very first Greek-American in Greece article. Read on to see what’s new. Read more


Greek-American Scientist Maria Spiropulu
Greek-American Scientist Maria Spiropulu


5. ‘Pawn Stars’ Expert is Greek-American Steve Grad

Ever watch ‘Pawn Stars’? One of its experts is Greek-American Steve Grad. Find out how he turned a childhood hobby into a dream job. Read more


4. Looking for Things to Do? Chicago Greek Eleni Masouras is Your Guide

We often ask, “What should we do this weekend?” Chicago Greek Eleni Masouras answers the question for you, with ‘Your Chicago Weekend’. Check it out! Read more


3.  5 Minutes with Metropolitan Nathanael of Chicago

Check out our new series, “5 Minutes with…” Recently, we caught up with His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael. He spoke candidly about the Listening Tour, youth, and more. Find out! [Q&A] Read more


His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael at the Hellenic Heritage Parade 2018 in Chicago.
His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael at the Hellenic Heritage Parade 2018 in Chicago. IMAGE: Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago


2. Greek-Americans in Greece: Meet Anna Maria & Vasilis Kokologiannakis of Chania Wine Tours

Continuing our longest-running and most popular series, Greek-American in Greece, this time,  let’s meet a couple who live and run a business Crete. Read more


… and the Most Read Article of 2018 is… drum roll please…


1. Manousakis Winery – Q&A with Alexandra Manousakis

This summer, we had an amazing visit at Manousakis Winery, run by Greek-American Alexandra Manousakis. Learn about her, the winery, and more. Read more


Alexandra Manousakis of Manousakis Winery.
Alexandra Manousakis of Manousakis Winery. IMAGE: MAVROGENIS HARIS


Most Read Special Issue

In case you were wondering, the most read special issue of the year is…


Chicago Area GreekFest Guide!


In fact, it was the most visited page on the website in 2018! Look for the 2019 Chicago Area GreekFest Guide in May.


Summer Reading Guide and Greek Property Guide received many views and downloads this year as well.


Thank you!

Thanks for another amazing year! We’re going to shake things up in 2019. We’re so excited! Stay tuned for more details. We wish you a happy & healthy 2019! See you then.


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