National Poetry Month: Young Greek Poets – ‘Life of An Explorer’

National Poetry Month Young Greek Poet Jenna Kokkalias of Hellenic American Academy in Deerfield, IL

Welcome back to our annual National Poetry Month series! Click to read the work of a talented Young Greek Poet from Hellenic American Academy in Deerfield, IL.

National Poetry Month: Young Greek Poet from Hellenic American Academy

For the 2nd year in a row, we’ve featured a series of works from Young Greek Poets from Chicago’s Greek Orthodox Parochial Schools. We just love nurturing young writers!  This poem by Jenna Kokkalias, a 5th grade student, stood out from works of her peers at Hellenic American Academy in Deerfield, IL. Here, Jenna shares her great love for Greece and exploring her motherland.

‘Life Of An Explorer’ by Young Greek Poet Jenna Kokkalias

I am an explorer in ancient Greece.
I am currently visiting Athens
Athens is known for its education.
So far here in Athens, it has been very exciting.
I have explored many different places in Athens.
There are many beauties in Greece like the climate
The climate here is very warm and dry.
Here in Greece, there are many mountain forms
One of the mountain ranges here is called The Pindus Mountains.
The seas that surround Greece
are the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Ionian Sea.
So far, I have explored the Aegean Sea.
Greece grows many fruits and vegetables.
Some of these are fruits, grains, figs, olives, grapes, and barley.
Greece also has pastures for sheep, cattle, goats, and pigs.
These animals graze and eat the grass.
At this time, I like to observe them
see what they do on a usual day.
After I finish exploring Athens, I will go explore Sparta.

Hellenic American Academy logo
Hellenic American Academy in Deerfield, IL serves preschool – 8th grade.

About Hellenic American Academy

Since 2004, Hellenic American Academy (HAA) in Deerfield, IL, a the private, non-for-profit educational institution continues a long legacy of excellence, fostering the education of Greek language and heritage in America, while honoring and cultivating Orthodox core values. The school traces its roots back more than a century, to the first Greek Orthodox Parochial School established in the U.S. — Socrates Hellenic American School, founded in 1907. Socrates Day School continues its legacy under the HAA umbrella, which also includes evening and Saturday Greek language programs, cultural programs, Greek conversation classes, and adult Greek language classes. The school’s mission is ‘to instill in our youth an abiding love of Greek culture and faith in an atmosphere committed to academic excellence’.

Now in its 2nd century, Socrates Day School provides a high-quality bilingual education, which includes a strong core academic curriculum richly enhanced by Greek language instruction. Students learn Greek language and culture, Orthodox Faith, plus music, art, physical education, and more.  With a state-of-the-art computer lab, students learn and excel in the latest technologies and participate in STEM initiatives. Students also engage in extra-curricular activities, including student council and after school clubs.

The school’s goal is to provide students children and future Hellene-American generations with a competitive advantage as they seek to achieve success in life. They believe that competitive advantage includes Hellenic Orthodox values, knowledge of classical and modern Greek language, and deeper understanding of our Orthodox faith and our Hellenic heritage. HAA has been recognized by the University of Crete as a model of outstanding Greek Orthodox education. 

Students continually demonstrate their success on standardized assessments. Each year, more than 90% meet or exceed state standards in nationalized math and reading tests.

They also participate in several academic competitions throughout the year, at both the state and national levels. In 2018, HAA had three Gold Winner at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Fair, and they went on to compete at the national level. 2018, three state winners in the Illinois EPA were from HAA. Students have also demonstrated success at Learn Storm, a statewide math competition hosted by Khan Academy.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019-2020 school year.

Learn more about Hellenic American Academy: website, Facebook

Meet Another Young Greek Poet

Next week, we’ll featured another Young Greek Poet. See you then!

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