National Poetry Month - Young Greek Poet Panayiotis Kereakes

National Poetry Month: Young Greek Poets – ‘Summer at the Beach’

Happy National Poetry Month! We’re back with another piece from a Young Greek Poet at Plato Academy in Des Plaines, IL. Read on!

National Poetry Month – Young Greek Poets

Welcome back to our special series commemorating National Poetry Month! We love to encourage young writers, so we went back to Chicago’s Greek Orthodox Parochial Schools to host a poetry contest. Each school submitted its top 3 works, and we selected one to publish each week.

This week’s featured poem is by Panayiotis Kereakes, an 8th grader at Plato Academy in Des Plaines, IL.  Panayiotis has attended Plato Academy since preschool and is described by his teachers as “a school leader who practices philotimo in his daily life.” In the fall, he’ll attend De Paul College Prep.

After a seemingly endless winter in Chicago, Panayiotis transports us to ‘Summer at the Beach’. Read his poem and learn a bit about Plato Academy.

‘Summer at the Beach’ by Young Greek Poet Panayiotis Kereakes

Seven weeks in the sun
Always time for any fun
Blazin grills send us chills
Dip in the ocean gives us thrills
We are tanning on the beach
Boppin to some great beats
We all in our seats
All these young athletes
Then we all hit the streets
Driving home in our Jeeps
Laying down with our peeps
In our brand-new house
With a big fat mouse
Now we sleep

Plato Academy logo
Plato Academy is located in Des Plaines, IL

About Plato Academy

An independent school inspired by Hellenic ideals, Plato Academy was founded in 1952. Fully accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education, Plato serves students in preK through 8th grade. The school’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that when children experience a subject or topic holistically, they gain a better understanding and learn more. Here, service learning lies at the core, which provides a springboard for knowledge and skill acquisition for even the youngest of children, and teaches them the importance of being good citizens and giving back.

Named for the eminent philosopher and school he established, considered the first institution of higher learning, Plato Academy sees education as a lifelong process. They strive to foster a “vigorous and constant search for truth in a democratic free environment”. The curriculum, therefore, is driven by student interests. To provide a well-rounded learning experience. teachers design an interdisciplinary curriculum with a commitment to the arts. This provides students the opportunity “to ponder questions and explore concepts through an integrated study of mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, fine arts, and physical education.” At its core, Plato Academy strives to help students develop critical thinking skills and prepare them for the future.

Plato is proud to be a partner of the Progressive Education Network (PEN). PEN’s philosophy is “the purpose of education transcends preparation for college or career, as schools are nurturing citizens in an increasingly diverse democracy.” As such, the group promotes a progressive education, wherein students are engaged as active participants in their learning and in society. Plato was accepted to this program after a rigorous, one-year process.

In accordance with its commitment to service learning and philanthropy, students at Plato Academy participate in activities that promote human rights, support important causes, service, and more. The charity Greek Americans Against Breast Cancer, that raises awareness about breast cancer and support research and treatment, was created at Plato, and students are actively involved. Other activities include an annual fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for pediatric cancer research and Student Leadership Day at the Illinois Holocaust Museum.

Plato students leave poised for success. They’re consistently accepted to top college prep schools and universities. As they approach their 7th decade of academic excellence, Plato Academy continues to thrive and evolve. Applications are now being accepted for the 2019-2020 school year.

Learn more about Plato Academy: website, Facebook, LinkedIn

Young Greek Poets

Check back next week for this year’s final Young Greek Poet!

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