National Poetry Month: Young Greek Poets – ‘A Choice’

It’s National Poetry Month! We’re featuring young Greek poets from Chicago’s Greek Orthodox Parochial Schools. Today’s poet is from Hellenic American Academy.

National Poetry Month: Poet from Hellenic American Academy

Since we love to nurture young writers, we’re back with our National Poetry Month series featuring young Greek poets. Today’s poet is Panagiotis Giannetos, an 8th grader at Hellenic American Academy in Deerfield, IL. His poem, ‘A Choice’, is a very mature and insightful work, inspired by and dedicated to his beloved papou, Panagiotis Alexakos. We’re sure his papou is is very proud.


Check out his poem and learn a bit about his school. Bravo Panagiotis! Continued success!



National Poetry Month Young Greek poet Panagiotis Giannetos of Hellenic American Academy
Young Greek Poet Panagiotis Giannetos is an 8th grade student at Hellenic American Academy in Deerfield, IL. IMAGE: GIANNETOS FAMILY



“A Choice’ by Panagiotis Giannetos


First on four

Then on three

An old man with an incurable disease

In front of him lay

A door between life

A door between death

The moment comes

When we must rest

And at this moment

the individual sees

What he wants

And what he needs

Now he must choose

Between the wise and foolish

Continue living in pain

Or pass away with a smile upon his face

But if he passes

He will know

His life was a success

And will forever be remembered and revered

For he raised a fine family

Loved them everyday

And with his care

They grew and played

When they came of age

And their father was an elder

The roles switched

And they lovingly cared for him everyday

But know the father had guilt

He felt he was a burden

No longer able to guide his children’s journey

He decided the time had come

To give into his body’s pain

And as he passed, a weight was lifted

For he no longer felt pain

And he left his children’s journey unburned, unchanged.



Hellenic American Academy logo
Hellenic American Academy in Deerfield, IL serves preschool – 8th grade.



About Hellenic American Academy

Founded in 2004, Hellenic American Academy (HAA) traces its legacy back more than a century. Socrates Hellenic American School, the “day school”, now under the HAA umbrella, was the very first Greek Orthodox Parochial School in the U.S., was founded in 1907. In addition to Socrates, HAA includes evening and Saturday Greek language programs, cultural programs, Greek conversation classes, adult Greek language classes, and more. Today, the private, non-for-profit educational institution continues a long legacy of excellence, fostering the education of Greek language and heritage in America, while honoring and cultivating Orthodox core values.

The preschool-8th grade “day school” program includes high-quality education incorporating studies in Greek language and culture, Orthodox Faith, plus music, art, physical education, STEM initiatives, and more. With a state-of-the-art computer lab, students learn and excel in the latest technologies. There is an active student council, and after school clubs to enrich the students’ experience.

HAA students perform successfully in standardized assessments. Annually, more than 90% of HAA students meet or exceed state standards in nationalized math and reading tests.

They also participate in academic competitions throughout the year, at both the state and national levels. One such program is the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Fair, with 3 Gold Winners in 2018, as well as the national competition. Another is the Illinois EPA competition; in 2018, three state winners were from HAA. They’ve also performed successfully in Learn Storm, a statewide math competition by Khan Academy. HAA has been recognized by the University of Crete as a model of outstanding Greek Orthodox education. Hellenic American Academy carries the torch of the founders of Socrates School, with a mission to instill in our youth an abiding love of Greek culture and faith in an atmosphere committed to academic excellence.


More Young Greek Poets

Next week, we’ll continue our National Poetry Month series featuring another young Greek poet, this time from Plato Academy in Des Plaines, IL.


Learn more about Hellenic American Academy: website, Facebook

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