National Poetry Month: Young Greek Poets – ‘Halloween Night’

Our National Poetry Month series comes to a close with this fun poem by a young Greek poet from Plato Academy in Des Plaines, IL. Read on!

National Poetry Month: Poet from Plato Academy

It’s been a great month celebrating aspiring young Greek poets from Chicago’s Greek American Schools. In the last in our series, today we feature a fun poem by Mariella Plata, a 7th grader at Plato Academy in Des Plaines, IL.


Check out her poem, and learn more about her school. Great job Ella!



Young Greek Poet Mariella Plata is a 7th grade student at Plato Academy in Des Plaines, IL.
Young Greek Poet Mariella Plata is a 7th grade student at Plato Academy in Des Plaines, IL. IMAGE: PLATA FAMILY


‘Halloween Night’ by Mariella Plata

I am standing in my house on Halloween night

Eating Halloween candy

There is a mummy on the loose

I am looking through the window from inside my house on Halloween night

Eating my Halloween candy

Waiting for the mummy on the loose

I am looking in the mirror on Halloween night

Looking at myself

I’M the mummy

in costume

in fright


Plato Academy logo



About Plato Academy

Founded in 1952, Plato Academy is a Illinois state accredited, independent PreK through 8th grade school that is responsive to every child’s developmental needs and actively engages children to direct their own learning.

Like it’s namesake, the philosopher Plato, this school views education as a life-long learning process. The curriculum “allows students to ponder questions and explore concepts through through an integrated study of mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, fine arts, and physical education.” They believe in a strong classroom community, where social and academic understanding, meaning, and knowledge are explored and constructed through negotiation and dialogue with the guidance of the teacher. They wholeheartedly believe that this will prepare students to become true members of a democratic society, and prepare them for the future.

After a year-long, highly-selective process, Plato was recently accepted as a partner of the Progressive Education Network (PEN). PEN’s philosophy is “the purpose of education transcends preparation for college or career, as school’s are nurturing citizens in an increasingly diverse democracy.” As such, the group promotes a progressive education, wherein students are engaged as active participants in their learning and in society.

With an ongoing emphasis on philanthropy, Plato students are involved in many activities that support important causes, promote human rights, service, and more. Kids participate in Student Leadership Day at the Illinois Holocaust Museum, and host an annual fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Plato is also the founder of Greek Americans Against Breast Cancer, a charity created to raise awareness about breast cancer and support research and treatment.

After leaving Plato, students excel in honors classes, and many receive selective enrollment at college prep high schools like Lane Tech and Loyola Academy. Nearly 65 years later, the close-knit community of Plato Academy continues to thrive.


National Poetry Month – Young Greek Poets

We hope you enjoyed our series featuring young Greek poets. A big congratulations to all our young Greek writers. KEEP WRITING!


Learn more about Plato Academy: website, Facebook

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Maria A. Karamitsos

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