National Poetry Month: Young Greek Poets – ‘Oh Sports’

It’s National Poetry Month! We’re featuring young Greek poets from Chicago’s Greek Orthodox Parochial Schools. Today’s poet is from Pythagoras Children’s Academy.

National Poetry Month: Poet from Pythagoras Children’s Academy

We love to nurture young writers! So for this year’s National Poetry Month series, we’re featuring some young Greek poets from Chicago’s Greek Orthodox Parochial Schools. Each school submitted several poems. We selected our favorites, and this month, we’ll publish one from each school. Today’s poet is Dimitri Letsos, a 3rd grader at Pythagoras Children’s Academy in Elmhurst, IL. This aspiring poet is also a sports enthusiast.


Check out his poem and learn a bit about his school. Bravo Dimitri! Continued success!


Dimitri Letsos is a 3rd grade student at Pythagoras Children’s Academy in Elmhurst. IL. IMAGE: LETSOS FAMILY



‘Oh Sports’ by Dimitri Letsos

Oh soccer, oh soccer with your black and white ball,

Watch out for the slide tackle so you don’t fall.


Oh basketball, oh basketball when you score,

You will want to make more.


Oh baseball, oh baseball when I hit a home run,

I will always have so much fun.


Oh football, oh football when I score a touchdown,

The other team will display a frown.


Oh hockey, oh hockey when I block your shot

My glove will be hot.


Oh sports, oh sports whichever I choose,

I will try my best not to lose.



PCA Pythagoras Children's Academy logo
Pythagoras Children’s Academy, part of the community of The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Demetrios in Elmhurst. IL serves preschool – 5th grade.



About Pythagoras Children’s Academy

Pythagoras Children’s Academy of The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Demetrios in Elmhurst, IL was founded in 1998. Serving preschool through 5th grade, PCA is the only school of its kind in the Western Suburbs. It is a Recognized Non-Public School by the Illinois State Board of Education. With the highest academic standards, children are nurtured at PCA in a family-oriented environment. In addition to a curriculum on par or exceeding Illinois State Standards, taught by Illinois State-certified instructors, the hallmark of the PCA experience is Greek language instruction, lessons in the Orthodox Faith, and the celebration of Greek heritage and traditions. For a well-rounded experience, students also partake in art, music, physical education, choir, after school clubs, and more. Students regularly score above average on standardized testing.

Many new opportunities for STEAM activities have been incorporated into the curriculum and after school offerings. Once a week, 2nd-5th graders have a STEAM oriented class where they collaborate on various projects. Students are encouraged to problem solve and think critically in order to prepare for the the jobs of tomorrow. This summer, the school will host the very first STEAM summer camp, July 10-August 2.  

Now entering its 20th year, PCA continues to evolve to continue to nurture tomorrow’ leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.


More Young Greek Poets

Next week, we’ll continue our National Poetry Month series featuring another young Greek poet, this time from Koraes Elementary School in Palos Hills, IL.


Learn more about Pythagoras Children’s Academy: website, Facebook

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