Net Zero Coin to British Museum

Chicago Greek entrepreneur’s Net Zero Coin finds a home at the British Museum.

Chicago Greek American Terry Poulos, a contributor to WindyCity Greek, announced today that his history-making numismatic Net Zero Coin is now officially part of the permanent collection of The British Museum, arguably the most prestigious cultural institution worldwide. It is also part of the permanent collection at the National Hellenic Museum, as well as in America’s premiere coin and collectible museums at the American Numismatic Society and the American Numismatic Association.

Antikythera Connection

The Net Zero Coin commemorates the world’s oldest computer, the mysteriously complex Antikythera Mechanism (c. 205 BC), an ancient bronze astronomical calculator found off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera in the year 1900 AD. The device is thought to be a product of the legendary Archimedes of Syracuse, and Terry tied in Archimedes to the coin via the glyph Pi. The set is part of a limited edition of 1000. It was manufactured by Northwest Territorial Mint in the state of Nevada.

1st Conjoined Numismatic

By combining a limited edition numbered coin with a matching limited edition numbered card, Terry created the world’s first-ever “conjoined numismatic.” The Net Zero Coin concept is precedent-setting in a number of ways.
The coin has a copper core with silver bullion proof finish (mirror) plating and 24k gold highlights. The solid brass card doubles as a lifetime “charter member” card for Terry’s’ company, The Sports Index Inc., gaining purchasers access to future benefits in a “culture of proven, repeat innovation,” according to Terry, who previously created The $ports Index, the world’s first bellwether stock market index of top publicly-traded sports companies.

The items are intended to serve two purposes: 1) financial literacy tool teaching stock market, credit and currency concepts; and 2) a charter member enrollment program. The coin, card, unique certificate of authenticity/”Bond of Charter Membership,” and custom acrylic holder sell for $157 (tax, shipping and handling included).
Only 1000 of the Net Zero Coin will ever be made available. Terry will soon launch a vastly revamped website and has even more surprises in store in the coming months.
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