PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation: Preserving the Legacy

PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation

The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation is committed to preserving the legacy of late Founder Chris P. Tomaras. They’ll present $250,000 in scholarships and honor his memory, at the Awards Ceremony and Gala, this June 18.


PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation: educational opportunities for the youth

Founder Chris P. Tomaras had a vision: build a better American through Hellenism and education. In 1998, that vision became reality, when he established the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation.

Their mission:


“to promote education by providing scholarships and educational programs to Greek-American students who, guided by the values of their Hellenic upbringing, have the potential to become lifelong significant achievers and contribute meaningfully to society.”


Annual scholarship awards

Each year, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, offers scholarships at two levels: 20 awards of $10,000 each, based on academic achievement and financial need; and 20 awards of $2,500 each, based solely on academic achievement. Through the application process, 40 outstanding Greek-American college students are selected, and receive these significant awards that help them pursue their studies– and their dreams.

To date, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships to 366 exceptional Greek-American undergraduates.


Awards Ceremony and Gala

Scholarships are presented each year at the Awards Ceremony and Gala. This year’s gala will take place on June 18 at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago. The theme is “Preserving the Legacy,” in honor of Mr. Tomaras.

Chief KEFI Correspondent, will serve as Mistress of Ceremonies.



2015 scholarship winners honorees, and dignitaries, with His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos, His Grace Bishop Demetrios, and PHSF Founder Chris P. Tomaras. 



Paradigm Award

At the gala, the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation also recognizes its Paradigm Award honoree. This award celebrates the lifelong achievements of a distinguished Greek-American whose career and accomplishments are a testimony to the foundation’s mission, and who serves as a positive example for the scholarship recipients to follow.

This year’s honoree is John S. Koudounis, Chief Executive Officer of Calamos Investments.

John made his mark in the financial world by becoming the youngest CEO on Wall Street, at Mizuho Securities USA. A Chicago native, he attended Brown University. He began his illustrious career in 1998 at Merrill Lynch, and has also worked at ABN-AMRO, before taking the helm at Mizuho in 2008. He joined Calamos in March 2016.

He is very well-respected in the financial community, and is a sought-after public speaker. John’s expertise has been solicited many times on financial news programs. He’s appeared on CNN, Fox Business, and CNBC, among others. He is a member of the Leadership Council of the Concordia Summit and the prestigious Bretten Woods Committee. Dedicated to Hellenism, he serves on the boards of the National Hellenic Museum, and The Hellenic Initiative. He and his wife, Joanne, have twin daughters.



2016 Paradigm Award Honoree John S. Koudounis: “My success is a due to the Hellenic values my parents instilled in me.” 



2016 Scholarship Winners

The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation awards will be presented to the nation’s best and brightest Greek-American students. This year’s recipients attend some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Northwestern, University of California-Berkeley, the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, the Manhattan School of Music, the University of Michigan, the University of Texas, and the University of Illinois.

The scholarship winners are pursuing diverse academic disciplines, including engineering, mathematics, chemistry, business, education, economics, communications, music, and the arts.


Help keep the legacy alive

Chairman Robert Buhler spoke about the foundation’s future.

“I am certain the foundation will grow and expand its national reach, and become the preeminent Greek-American scholarship organization for undergraduates across the country. We will strongly continue what Mr. Tomaras started, and build the foundation into everything he dreamed it could be.”

The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation‘s annual Awards Ceremony and Gala is one of the most important events in our community. By supporting this worthy foundation, we help provide the youth of our community the means to continue their education. Not only will this help to keep Mr. Tomaras’ legacy alive, but it also lays the groundwork for the future of our community, and our world — the youth.

Reserve gala tickets online or at 312.357.6432

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