Philoxenia House Now Open to Mayo Patients of All Faiths

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago and SS Kosmas & Damianos Church in Rochester, MN have announced that Philoxenia House, located across the street from Mayo Clinic, is now available to individuals from all faiths.

Philoxenia House services available for all faiths

SS Kosmas & Damianos Greek Orthodox Church in Rochester, Minnesota, a parish of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, is proud to announce that their Philoxenia House, located across the street from the world renowned Mayo Clinic will now be made available to individuals from all faiths in need looking for shelter while members of their family receive treatment.

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Philoxenia Mission

 Originally opened in 2004 for the cause of providing shelter to Orthodox families, the Philoxenia House has offered free temporary housing to individuals and families visiting the Mayo Clinic, within a Christian Orthodox environment that provides spiritual healing and comfort.  The Philoxenia Mission Committee recently voted to expand their reach by offering the facilities to members of all faiths.
“For over a decade we have served hundreds of fellow Orthodox Christians who have come to Rochester seeking medical treatment at Mayo Clinic. It has been our distinct honor to shelter them, love them, and cherish their dynamic presence within our local parish family. Notwithstanding the much ‘good’ God has allowed us to realize over the years, we recognized the fact that we were limiting our focus to assisting those who share the same faith, tradition, and many times cultural background.  All are welcomed into God’s eternal and Heavenly Kingdom, and now all in need are welcomed at the Philoxenia House Mission.” ~ Father Mark Muñoz, Parish Priest of SS Kosmas & Damianos Greek Orthodox Church
Now with this decision, the Philoxenia House Mission will continue to be a shelter for those in need not only to fellow Orthodox Christians but now to all members of faith.
“The Philoxenia House Ministry demonstrates love for our ‘neighbor’, which is a pillar of our Orthodox Christian Faith. And this action by the parishioners of our beloved parish in Rochester further illustrates that message. His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago and I applaud Father Muñoz, the Philoxenia Mission Committee and our parishioners for such an amazing example of putting Christian principles into action!”  ,” said His Grace Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, Chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago
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Two homes

The Philoxenia House Mission consists of two homes owned and operated by SS Kosmas & Damianos Greek Orthodox Church, which is located nearby. These two houses, named Philoxenia House and St. Iakovos House, are located across the street from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. With capacity to handle 18 individuals and both houses fully furnished and featuring kitchens, living rooms, entertainment rooms and other comforts, these homes offer a shelter for those family members of patients while they receive the care they need from the amazing world renowned staff of the Mayo Clinic. For years, Father Mark Muñoz and his parishioners have been ministering to the patients of the Mayo Clinic and have always opened their parish and their hearts to anyone looking for Christ’s healing and comforting touch.
The first facility, called the Philoxenia House, opened in 2004 and was followed in 2007 by the St. Iakovos House. In Greek the word philoxenia translates to “hospitality” or literally to “love for the stranger”. The facilities are made available thanks to donations, which are always welcomed as the Mission continues to grow.


A major multi-million dollar future expansion, called the Philoxenia Village, has been designed that would offer more housing for families of patients.

Connect with Philoxenia House: website, phone 507.358.7260

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