Remembering Dr. George Alexopoulos

Dr. George Alexopoulos

Last month, we were saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. George Alexopoulos. Here, we remember fondly this pillar of the community. May his memory be eternal.


Dr. George Alexopoulos: scholar

A pillar of Chicago’s Greek community, Dr.  George Alexopoulos was a distinguished academician. Over the course of his career, he taught physics, mathematics, computer science, and electronics at several institutions, including University of Illinois at Chicago, Roosevelt University, the Illinois Institute of Technology, Wright College, DePaul University and Oakton College. Additionally, Dr. Alexopoulos was integral to the establishment of the Modern Greek Studies Initiative at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Dr. George Alexopoulos
Dr. George Alexopoulos dedicated his life to education and serving his community. COURTESY PANHELLENIC SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION



Supporting education

As a Hellene, and as a professor, Dr. Alexopoulos was a staunch supporter of education. He was elected Trustee of Oakton Community College in 2003, and ultimately became Secretary, and subsequently Vice-President, of the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Alexopoulos was also a chairman of the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation‘s Academic Committee for thirteen years, and served as Chairman Emeritus of the Committee since 2015.

A statement from Hellenic-Link Midwest described Dr. Alexopoulos’ level of dedication to his students.

“Throughout his life, Dr. Alexopoulos worked tirelessly to promote and advance education within the Greek community. He dedicated his time and energy to the love of learning and did all he could to support students, especially those of Greek descent, in the Midwest.”


Serving the community

Dr. Alexopoulos was one of the founders of the Hellenic Link-Midwest, a local chapter of the organization then known as “KRIKOS,” and served as treasurer from 1986 – 2016. He served on many local non-profit boards.

An outpouring of condolences revealed the reach of this proud man, who didn’t sing his own praises.

In one statement, Robert A. Buhler, Board Chairman of the PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation expressed his condolences.

“We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. George Alexopoulos. We will always be profoundly grateful for his thirteen years of service to the Foundation as Chairman of the Academic Committee. As the Chairman, he guided the Committee and facilitated the selection of some of the most remarkable Greek American young people in the country as recipients of our scholarships. We will miss this great man, who was a true Hellene and advocate for education. On behalf of the Foundation, I offer our deepest condolences to Dr. Alexopoulos’ family and loved ones.”


His commitment to education and service to the Greek community of Chicago, as well as his great enthusiasm in these endeavors, will never be forgotten. Services were held on February 16, 2017. May his memory be eternal.

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