Cooking for Ghosts by Patricia V. Davis

REVIEW: ‘Cooking for Ghosts’ by Patricia V. Davis

Best-selling Author Patricia V. Davis is back with the first in a 3-book series, called Cooking For Ghosts. The story, set on the historic Queen Mary, is full of history, intrigue, and more.

Cooking for Ghosts by Patricia V. Davis 


Patricia V. Davis doesn’t do things half-way. She puts everything she has into her work, and this is no exception. Her latest book, Cooking For Ghosts: Book 1 – “The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy”, will be out in October. Read on to learn more about the book whose characters are inspired by friends she made in Greece.



Award-winning Author Patricia V. Davis. PHOTO BY NIKO VOLONAKIS


Patricia V. Davis

In sixth grade, Italian-American NY native Patricia Volonakis Davis was introduced to Greek mythology. Soon she “embraced everything to do with Ancient Greece.” Later, she married a Greek man, and moved to Greece for seven years. These years are chronicled in Harlot’s Sauce: A Memoir of Food, Family, Love Loss and Greece. Greece left an indelible mark.

“From the experiences I had, to the people I met, I continually draw on the experiences I had living in Greece.”

Now re-married and a published author, Patricia remains a “philHellene”, loving all things Greek.


Queen Mary

Years ago, Patricia was invited to attend a women’s conference presented by Maria Shriver, in Long Beach, CA. The former First Lady of California had answered a letter from Patricia and offered a blurb for Harlot’s Sauce.

“She invited me to the conference to take notes in the sessions and help the camera crew. When I tried to book a hotel, everything was booked. The only thing available was on the Queen Mary.”

Patricia had never heard of the ship, and didn’t know its history. Once in her room, strange things began happening.

“My glasses weren’t where I’d leave them. They’d always appear in a different spot. One night, I left them in one place and went to brush my teeth. When I returned, they were on the pillow on the bed. I thought someone was playing tricks on me. Other things happened. Imagine my surprise when on the way home, I read about the ship on the in-flight magazine!”

This explained a lot of what happened on the ship. She became so fascinated with the Queen Mary, and wanted to know more. As she researched the incredible history, a story began to pop into her head.

“It was as if someone put it there. It was amazing — I could hear the characters talking. I’d wake up in the middle of the night to get it down.”

The ship was a luxury cruise liner that A-listers frequented, and was used during WWII. It was the fastest ship in the war, as it could outrun U-boats.

“Hitler put a bounty out on her — $25,000 if you could sink it. At one point, 15,000 troops were aboard, American and British.”


Characters in Cooking for Ghosts

Always looking to empower young women, Patricia wished to write strong female characters. She thought about the women she’d known in her life, and who could model the traits she wished to highlight.

“I kept coming back the many friends I made in Greece. I met a lot of expats from all over the world. Many, like me, were married to Greeks, trying to create a life there.”

She was inspired by the ways that these people from all different places — and unlikely friends — found common ground, and became friends.

“The ladies in Cooking for Ghosts embody the traits of those women from Greece. For example, Angela is named for an American woman who is married to a Greek, but her personality is that of another woman there. Antoni and Jane are based on an English-Greek couple — how they talk, interact, the good and bad they’ve been through.”


Set on the history Queen Mary, Cooking for Ghosts is the 1st book in the “Secret Spice Trilogy”.


About Cooking for Ghosts

Four women meet on a food blogging site and decide on impulse to open The Secret Spice, an elegant café on the magnificent ocean liner, the RMS Queen Mary, currently a floating hotel in Long Beach, California. Rich in history and tales of supernatural occurrences, the ship hides her own dark secrets. The women are surrounded by ghosts long before they step aboard, but once they do, nothing is quite what it seems. Not the people they meet, not their brooding chef’s mystic recipes, and not the Queen Mary herself. Yet the spirits they encounter help them discover that there’s always a chance to live, as long as one is alive. is an unforgettable. Nominated for the prestigious National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction, Cooking for Ghosts is tale of love, redemption, and divine female power.


REVIEW of Cooking for Ghosts

Patricia V. Davis wastes no time, as the stunning history of the ship is revealed in the opening pages. She sets the stage to explain the strange happenings on the ship, then weaves in the thoughtful, well-conceived characters. We learn their secrets, and follow them as they’re forced to confront them. With plenty of intrigue and suspense, the history of the Queen Mary is skillfully woven into this story. We’re reminded that we can run from the past, but we can’t hide; it’s better to confront the ghosts and move forward. With plenty of intrigue, food, friendships, secrets, love, loss, ghosts, and history — plus some secret spice — it’s a recipe for a must-read. Add this one to your list.

Cooking for Ghosts: Book I “The Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy”
By: Patricia V. Davis
Publisher: HD Media Press Inc.; 1st edition (October 7, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0989905640
ISBN-13: 978-0989905640

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