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BOOK REVIEW: Effrosyni Moschoudi’s ‘The Ebb’

Welcome our new book reviewer, Peg Karadimas! In her debut review, she tells us about The Ebb, the first book in a trilogy by Effrosyni Moschoudi.


Author Effrosyni Moschoudi



Meet Effrosyni Moschoudi

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Effrosyni traces her family’s roots to the island of Corfu. Though she and her British husband Andy and her “naughty” cat Felix live in Athens in a spot by the sea, her heart and mind are definitely on the island. This is evident in her work. She began writing at a young age.

“As a child, I often sat alone in my yiayia’s garden scribbling rhymes about flowers, butterflies, and ants. Through adolescence, I wrote dark poetry that suited my melancholic, romantic nature.”

Effrosyni earned a degree in Computer Science from Athens University, and spent 20 years working in the hotel and aviation industries. For a time, she even worked for an airline, working at Customer Care dressed as an air hostess. The corporate world just wasn’t for her, and she left it all behind to write full time.

“I’m so relieved to have escaped the treadmill of nine-to-five office work. I’m now working 10 hour days writing novels and promoting fellow authors, but I get to pursue my dream.”

Her first published work, The Necklace of Goddess Athena, a supernatural mystery that combines Greek myths with family drama and romance, was published in January 2014. After, she published The Lady on the Pier trilogy and Poetry from The Lady of the Pier.


Inspiration for The Ebb

The Ebb came about as way to record memories of her time in Corfu.

“I wished to record a few real life memories as a tribute to my beloved grandparents in the village of Moraitika. I’ve spent countless blissful summers holidaying there in their tiny home as a young girl, often for three months every summer. The memories are the warmest and happiest of my life. I can never describe what my grandparents and Moraitika mean to me, more so now that Granddad has passed away and my yiayia is 92 and very frail. The book was my way to express the love I have for the people and places involved in all these blissful memories.”

Effrosyni had been fascinated by the West Pier in England and when she learned about it’s history, she was compelled to write about it.

“Somehow, it found its way into a book about Corfu and I am pleased beyond words the combination worked out so well.”

The Ebb is the first book of the trilogy, The Lady of the Pier. Initially, Effrosyni did not intend to write a series.

“I foolishly thought it was going to be a standalone read. But as I kept writing, I realized this was not going to happen. A host of new characters had turned up, making the plot more complicated than intended. My characters always take me for a fun ride, and I never know what will happen next.”



The first book in The Lady of the Pier trilogy



About The Ebb

Two young women in their twenties, in two different eras and settings, each fall in love for the first time. The story flips back and forth to 1937 in England’s Brighton’s West Pier and to 1987 on the Greek island of Corfu.

The story begins with Laura, arriving in Brighton, England, in 1937, ready for a new life. At the West Pier Theatre, she finds work, and love.Their lives and friends happily center around the pavilion and the pier. Laura is strong minded, independent, and resourceful. Her ambitious side covets the wealth of the patrons she serves at the theater. Through luck and determination, she gets the opportunity to perform at the theater, but her newfound success challenges her relationship with Christian when she is pursued by a wealthy aristocrat.

The second storyline involves Sofia, on holiday, visiting her grandparents on Corfu in the summer 1987. Sofia, in contrast to Laura, is not as confident. In fact, she’s a little sheltered for her age due to her overbearing parents, however she finds solace in her wonderful relationship with her grandparents. Her days in Corfu are typical–hanging with her cousins and even working on the beach. When she meets and falls in love with the fun-loving Danny, Sofia’s life becomes even more challenging as she attempts to keep it a secret from her family. At this point, she starts dreaming of a lamenting woman.

The Ebb is an ABNA Q-Finalist.


Review of The Ebb

Effrosyni crafts a tale that hooked me immediately with it’s mysterious tone.

As the stories flipped back and forth from 1987 to 1937,  I knew somehow there would be a connection in the future. Sofia and Laura shared the same circumstances, they both were young and they both fall in love for the first time, and they both are in a beautiful setting, with a lot of the action happening. The pier, to me represents the universal theme of young love–no matter what the setting or era, young love is full of drama –which connects both stories. Effrosyni’s characters enjoy the carefree and rapturous relationships that are full of possibilities. The Pier, though, could also represent “nostalgia, wistfulness and lost opportunities”, as Effrosyni describes Brighton’s West Pier in her blog. To me, those words completely and aptly describe the feelings one might experience when looking back at their own first love and could also be a foreshadowing of what’s to come in the loves stories of these two young women.

I can’t wait to continue reading the trilogy, The Flow and The Storm, where the action continues to unfold itself and the mystery of the two timelines merge and is revealed.

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