Special Issues

WindyCity Greek produces special issues and eGuides. From holiday special issues to resources for the Greek community, find it all here.


Special Issues and eGuides for the Greek Community

In addition to publishing the good news of the Greek community, WindyCity Greek creates special issues and eGuides designed for the Greek Community. We strive to serve you and welcome your ideas for new special issues and eGuides. Drop us a line.

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Special Interest

Greek Kid’s Reading Guide 2017 

Greek-American Scholarship Guide 2017

Summer Reading Guide 2017

Summer Reading Guide 2016


Chicago Greek-Community Resources

Chicago GreekFest Guide 2017


Holiday Issues

Pascha Edition 2018 LIVE 1st week of March MEDIA KIT

Christmas Edition 2017

Pascha 2017: Special Easter Issue

Special Christmas Issue 2016

Special Easter Issue 2016


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