Article Submission/Contributor Guidelines

At this time, we’re are not currently accepting any new story ideas. 

Check back in November 2017.



Remember, WindyCity Greek is all about the positive aspects of our community. It is our policy to immediately reject without response or explanation any submissions that are negative, inappropriate, gratuitous, accusatory, or salacious. All articles must be about people of Greek descent or philHellenes, or Greek-related subject matter.


NOTE: WindyCity Greek is not a newspaper — it is a DIGITAL MAGAZINE. As such, we following generally accepted practices for online publications, including search engine optimization guidelines. Therefore, we do not publish press releases verbatim, or articles previously published in other online publications. Also, we do not publish all story ideas. If you wish to submit an article for publication that’s already written, this is considered paid advertising or sponsor-generated content.

Email us for more information.



If you’re interested in writing an article for WindyCity Greek, please send an email to maria[AT]windycitygreek[DOT]com, (replace AT and DOT with symbols) with PROPOSED ARTICLE SUBMISSION in the subject line. Include the following:

  • Subject matter
  • Short author bio
  • Article
  • Complete contact information

If your story idea meets our editorial guidelines, we will contact you.



If you’d like to be a contributor, please send an email to  maria[AT]windycitygreek[DOT]com, (replace AT and DOT with symbols), with subject line, CONTRIBUTE, and tell us about yourself, and what you like to write about. Links to previously published SEO writing must be included. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


IF YOUR ARTICLE IS ACCEPTED, please note these submission guidelines:

  • Send completed article.
  • Note and respect deadlines.
  • Please adhere to specified word counts.
  • Please proof your work prior to submission.
  • Send completed article, and any applicable info for fact-checking.
  • All articles will be edited for style and SEO, then formatted and stylized for the publication.
  • All work must be written by the author or the author has permission to re-publish. NOTE: Due to SEO guidelines, we do not publish duplicate content. Article will need to be worked for style, SEO, etc.
  • Must attribute any quotes or excerpts culled from other authors, sources, books, music, etc.
  • Include any appropriate hyperlinks.
  • Must include author bio, headshot, and website links with submission. List any contact, email, or social information to link.
  • Submit any appropriate images to accompany article. Must include photo credits and have rights to any images submitted.
  • Once published, author must promote on their social media platforms. Once we receive your submission, you will receive confirmation in one week. We may contact you with questions during editing process. Edited articles will be sent for final approval. We will advise a publication date.

Send completed articles to  maria[AT]windycitygreek[DOT]com, (replace AT and DOT with symbols), with COMPLETED ASSIGNMENT in the subject line. Please respect our deadlines.