Book Review/Interview Request Guidelines


IMPORTANT: All books submitted for review must be on Greek-related subject matter or written by an author of Greek descent.

To request or suggest a book for review, please submit the following information to  maria[AT]windycitygreek[DOT]com, (replace AT and DOT with symbols). Type BOOK REVIEW in the subject line.

  • Author
  • Title
  • Brief description of subject matter
  • If book is available on ebook, or hard copy
  • Upcoming local promotional appearances
  • If author is accepting interviews
  • Press release, if available

If the book is selected for review, WindyCity Greek will contact you.

Please note that we receive about a dozen books a month, and as hard as we try, we cannot accommodate all requests for reviews. Due to time and editorial considerations, we do reserve the right to not publish a review, even after we have accepted and received a book.

We do understand that reviews are important to book marketing and sales. While WindyCity Greek reviews are unbiased, we are wary of spoilers and too much info, and wish the review to show the book/author in the best light. Therefore, all reviews will be submitted to the author for final review. We have tremendous respect for people who commit words to paper, and therefore, we will not post bad reviews. If for some reason after reading the book, we feel it’s not appropriate for our audience, or not to our liking, we will advise and not post the review.