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WindyCity Greek isn’t your typical media outlet. You can find the bad stuff somewhere else. From original reporting to curated content, we bring you the best of the Greek world. WindyCity Greek serves as a clearinghouse for inspiring content, as well as a connection to Greek-owned businesses, products, and services around the world. WindyCity Greek is a place to celebrate all things Greek; a place we can all feel proud of our heritage and culture, come together to celebrate it, be infused with promise and pride, and get connected to all the ways we can help each other.

You don’t have to be from Chicago to be a WindyCity Greek. WindyCity Greek is a mindset. A WindyCity Greek wants to show the world the best of our community. WindyCity Greeks come together to enrich and encourage each other, to change the perception of what it is to be a person of Greek descent, and to share our rich heritage – past, present, and future – with the world. We are Hellenes and we are proud!

In keeping with this philosophy, all articles posted at WindyCity Greek are positive. We will not post profane, insulting, or derogatory articles or advertisements. We moderate all comments and will not allow any of that nature. We will not critique, judge, or demean. We celebrate all things Greek.

All content on this site is Greek-related, whether directly involving a person of Greek descent or philHellene, or Greek-related subject matter. There may information and resources on this site specifically related to Chicago, but anything Greek-related can be found here.  We bring you the best of the Greek world.

PLEASE NOTE: WindyCity Greek is not a newspaper — it is a DIGITAL MAGAZINE. As such, we following generally accepted practices for online publications, including search engine optimization guidelines. Therefore, we do not publish press releases verbatim, or articles previously published online. We do not publish all story ideas. If you wish to submit an article for publication that’s already written, this is considered paid advertising or sponsor-generated content.

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