Thanos Petrelis to Tour North America

Greek singer Thanos Petrelis will soon hit the road, for a five-city tour of North America.


In a few weeks, Thanos Petrelis will perform in New York, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, and Panama. I recently spoke to Thanos by phone, and he talked about his life, his good fortune, and what a privilege it is to perform for the Greeks abroad.



Thanos Petrelis is one of Greece's most popular singers.
Thanos Petrelis is one of Greece’s most popular singers. COURTESY PETRELIS TOUR 2016



Thanos Petrelis

Born in Athens in 1975, Thanos Petrelis’ life reads like a fairytale.


His father was a musician, and their home was always filled with music.


“The sounds of Parios, Dionysiou, Voskopoulos, Poulopoulos, Kazantzidis, all the great Greek singers, filled our home, and are still my favorites. I grew up with this innate love for music. It was always just part of our world.There wasn’t just a day that I started singing. It was a natural thing for me to become a performer. I always knew someday I would.”


In 1998, he hit Greece’s club circuit, for his first paid performances. Four years later, a TV commercial changed everything.


“I saw this commercial, and it said, ‘You can be a star.’ It was an advertisement for Fame Story auditions, to call to enter. I called and the next thing I knew I was on TV.”


He competed on the first season of Fame Story in 2002, and won third place.


“It was a great opportunity for people to see me, get to know me. TV is a great medium; it provided much exposure. It went so much better than I thought. I knew somehow, that that was the start of something big. This was going all the way.”


Then, Phoebus, perhaps the most successful composer of the modern Greek era, called. He immediately signed Thanos after seeing him on Fame Story. Thanos’ debut album, Eihe to Hroma T’Ouranou, released on Heaven Records, came out in 2004. It was certified Gold.


“Working with Phoebus has been amazing. He gave me a chance. He gave me my first song, To Aima Mou, which was a bit hit. I’m so lucky. Phoebus is #1 in music. I was a rookie, and I embarked on this journey with him at my side. We’ve become good friends, and koumbari.”


Since 2004, Thanos has released four studio albums — three certified Gold and one Platinum — and one live album. He’s won several Arion Awards, and he’s toured the world several times. In 2010, he moved to Phoebus’ then-new record label, The Spicy Effect.


Thanos is thrilled with his career, but relishes time with his family. He and his wife, Sofia Moschopoulou, are the proud parents of three daughters; the youngest born just a few months ago.


“The father-daughter relationship is a very special one. I’m so very blessed, so happy.”



Perennial hitmaker Phoebus writes songs for Thanos and many other top Greek singers. 
Thanos wrote the lyrics to this song, "Theleis, den Theleis", because he said, 
he "had an idea and it fit the music". It was his first foray into songwriting. 


Thanos Petrelis Tour 2016

Thanos will begin the five-city tour in New York, performing on March 18 & 19, then Toronto on March 25, Chicago on March 26, Boston on March 27, and April 2 in Panama.


“Greeks are everywhere, and it’s so wonderful to see them! The Greeks abroad are extraordinary. They love Greece, they are so good to me, and give me much love. I’m so fortunate — and grateful.”



Thanos + Chicago

WindyCity Greek is a media sponsor for Thanos’ upcoming Chicago show, so we spoke to him about coming to Chicago. He’s performed in Chicago several times, including a benefit last year, in support of the National Hellenic Museum.


“Every time I come, it’s better and better. The people are so warm. We have such a great time. Chicago is one of the biggest Greek cities in the world. I’m thrilled to return to this beautiful city — it’s very clean and the people are so friendly — I always enjoy my time there. In all of my trips to Chicago, I’ve made many friends, and I’m looking forward to being there again. ”


Come for a Kefi-filled night of Greek music

Thanos’ feeds on the warmth of his fans, and his concerts are always high energy. Come out for a great party — three-to-four hours of Greek music — Thanos’, plus laika, and classic Greek music, from the likes of Parios, Dionysiou, Kazantzidis, and other — and dancing, of course.


“”I sing songs we all know and love, and have filled our lives for many years. They bring joy, and nostalgia.”


Tickets for the Greek Independence Day Party with Thanos Petrelis in Chicago at the Rosemont Convention Center in Rosemont, are available by phone, at 708.441.9659 or online.

See you there!

Tour 2016 website

Follow Thanos Petrelis on Twitter and on Facebook, and visit his website.


WiindyCity Greek  and Chicago’s Greek Media Club are media sponsors for Thanos Petrelis’ Greek Independence Day Party in Chicago.

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