Tom Hilaris Takes Family Business to Global Markets

As president and CEO of Ergoseal, Tom Hilaris is taking the family business to new heights.

Like many Greek Americans, at a young age, Tom (Athanasios) went to work in his family’s business. From the age of 10, his dad, John, would bring him to work on the weekends. Folding boxes so they were set up and ready for assemblers the following week, surely seemed a chore at the time, but the seeds were being sown for future success. Not only did Tom learn a solid work ethic, but he learned the business from the ground up. In high school, he worked as an operator. Later, when he pondered medical school or going into the family business, he chose the latter. It was in his blood.

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Photo: Google Images

“I weighed the positives and negatives, and the family business won,” Tom said in an interview on NBC5. “It’s been an exciting ride ever since. This is my 10th year here. I became the president last year.”

John founded Ergoseal 26 years ago. The company provides high-quality design, engineering, and US manufacturing to OEMs in the industrial, aerospace, and sanitary industries. The company is headquartered in Carol Stream, IL.

Under Tom’s leadership, the company recently acquired two companies — California-based Norman Technologies, and Sieber Tooling Solutions. These acquisitions, both completed within two weeks, doubled the size of the company’s revenue, and significantly expanded their offerings, allowing them entry into global markets. Ergoseal has also won numerous accolades and awards for quality and excellence. Tom is a forward-thinking leader, and continues to seek new opportunities. He will surely take this once-small family business to new heights.

Bravo Tom! Wishing you continued success.

Tom Hilaris on NBC5



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