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Our staff’s top 10 picks for positive Greek news articles this week:



Roast lamb is also a dish that chefs from all corners of the globe take very seriously, with regional and cultural variations putting a culinary spin on the seasonal classic. Which Greek American restaurant made the list? Read more

In Greece, they do Easter with gusto

No matter when they celebrate, Christians traditionally prepare for Easter by fasting from meat — then feasting. Greece celebrates with particular gusto — and lots of lamb. Read more

Pen pals: St. Vincent Ferrer students exchange letters with pupils in Greece

“I have taught them about Greek culture and ancient Greece,” Masterton said. “We thought that writing letters to these Greek students would incorporate Greek culture into [their curriculum].” Read more

Beyond documenta 14: Navigating Athens’ Art Scene

Yet the earnest visitor should make the effort, while in Athens, not only to take in what he or she can of the international offerings of documenta, but to wander off the beaten path of the biennial map, and sample what the local art scene of Athens has to offer. Read more

Longtime Broncos trainer Steve ‘Greek’ Antonopulos promoted

Steve “Greek” Antonopulos, the Broncos’ longtime trainer and a familiar face during games when players got injured, has been promoted to be the team’s director sports medicine, the team announced Wednesday. Read more

Ancient Greek history, culture comes to life at Camden Rockport Middle School

Camden-Rockport Middle School eighth-graders competed in challenges inspired by the culture of Ancient Greece. Read more

Greeks are leaders in celebratory Easter feasts

Florida is blessed with a large Greek population. In Tarpon Springs, about 170 miles up the west coast, Greek immigrants settled here to gather sponges in the early 1920s. The present generation of Greeks continue in the traditional feasts of Easter. As their forebears did before them, they celebrate in the great outdoors with lavish picnics. Read more

It’s all Greek to Lakonía, from Maine to Chincoteague

Daphne Contraros Rioux, founder of Lakonía Greek Products, started in 1998 with a small parcel of land outside a fisherman’s village in Greece and a few olive trees. Read more

The ultimate Greek Island hop: sailing around the Saronic islands

Around us, the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea. Above, a skyscraper of curling white sails that drove our Beneteau Oceanis 50 to its next picturesque Greek harbour. Read more

A Big Fat Guide to Greek Wine

The Greeks have always been trailblazers. While the ancient Greeks were busy inventing such trifles as indoor plumbing, medicine, democracy, and the foundations of Western thought, they were also spreading a vibrant wine culture throughout the European mainland. Read more




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