Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of April 16-22

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Our staff’s top 10 picks for positive Greek news articles this week:


Greek Orthodox Easter retains ancient traditions

Just before midnight the lights go out inside Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Fond du Lac—a small brick building tucked amidst city houses in a once ethnic neighborhood. Read more


Hundreds of faithful Greeks honored Good Friday and attended a sermon officiated by the Archbishop of Greece, Ieronymos, at the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens before joining the procession of the Epitaph as part of Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations. Read more

Exclusive Post-show Interview: Greek Trade Fairs Highlight Bakery Trends

The international trends in the bakery and confectionery industries were represented at this years’ edition of ARTOZA. The 15thedition of the international trade fair for the bakery and patisserie sectors brought international industry professionals to Metropolitan Expo in Athens, Greece. Read more

Greece Will Rise Again

Greece may not find its old glory days anytime soon, but it will rise again from the swamp of the recent six-year long depression, offering great opportunities for long-term investors. Read more

Skip the Isles and Athens: 3 New Ways to Do Greece This Spring

A far cry from the traffic of Athens and the high season island tourism, Northern Greece is noteworthy year-round for its diverse landscapes, ancient history, and innumerable activities both hedonistic and adventurous. Read more

Wines of Greece Announces 11th Annual Winemakers Roadshow

Celebrating the Increasing Popularity of Greek Wines in the U.S., Roadshow Events Head to Two New Cities: Chicago and Houston. Read more

6 reasons Greece is the new destination for foodies

You might not always be able to pronounce the name of certain Greek dishes, but you’ll probably enjoy getting your mouth round them. Here’s where to go in Greece to sample the best of its food and drink. Read more

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ 15th Anniversary: Anatomy of the Sleeper Hit (Photos)

Screenwriter-actress Nia Vardolous initially wrote “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” thinking a few people who identified with her might appreciate it. But the indie movie, starring John Corbett — then the hunky Aidan Shaw on HBO’s “Sex and the City” — went on to become the sleeper hit of the summer in 2002 and remains the highest-grossing romantic comedy until this day. Read more

How music is keeping one southern Italian dialect alive

Italy’s Griko dialects are classed as endangered by the European Union and Unesco. But could folk music be the secret to keeping them alive? Greece-born Italian student Constantinos Orphanos investigates the languages’ past and perilous future. Read more

Olympus Piano Trio embraces music of the gods

Violinist Regi Papa, cellist Ben Capps and pianist Konstantine Valianatos met as students at Juilliard, and after discovering they shared a Greek heritage (Papa and Valianatos were born in Greece and Capps is Greek-American), began playing together and formed the trio six years ago. Read more

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