Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of February 11-17

Top 10 Positive Greek News articles of the week

It’s that time of the week! Let’s reveal our staff’s top picks for Positive Greek News online. Let’s go!

Positive Greek News articles online

How was your week? Busy, busy here! If you had a good or bad week, Positive Greek News will help get your weekend off to a good start. It’s time to reveal the Top 10 Positive Greek News articles this week.


Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles



Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles this week: 


How Giannis Antetokounmpo is making the Greek neighborhood proud

As big of an impact as has on the court, his impact off of it, and his ability to connect with those around him, has been even larger for the Greek community all over the world. Read more


Get a Taste of Crete with These Healthy Recipes

Birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, the island’s cuisine offers vibrant flavors in a healthy package. Get the recipes and classic Greek wine pairings here. Read more


The Grecian Market Company enters the U.S. market with premium Greek products. Helping Change the Way America Eats

The Grecian Market, a dynamic Greek produce importer and distributor specializing in extra virgin olive oil, olives, olive paste and honey has announced the launch of their products in the United States. Read more


Athens: State of the Stomach 2018

When childhood friends Yioula Svyrinaki and Michalis Psomadakis were planning last year to open up To Laini, a spot that would serve the kind of traditional food and drink found on their home island of Crete, it wasn’t very hard for them to decide on where to locate their new venture: the Keramikos neighborhood. Read more



Demetrios Galanos, the 19th century Greek Indologist, embraced and enriched both Indian and Greekculture through his knowledge quest and deep insights. No wonder both India and Greece are recalling him more than Alexander today. Read more


IV Next – an exciting new ministry for college students and Young Adults

IV Next is an exciting new ministry of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America for college students and Young Adults offered by Ionian Village and Leadership 100. Read more 


Is this Greece’s best-kept secret?

The best restaurant table in the Mediterranean is number 18 at the Chiona taverna on Crete. Read more


Stratton Stevens: Remembering A Distinguished Canadian And Proud Hellene

The Order of Canada recipient was a Montreal Greek community institution, and late Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s closest friend. Read more


Greek wine exports post major gains outside the EU

From retsina to Assyrtiko wine, from the neighborhood taverna to major New York restaurants and from local papers to glowing articles in the New York Times, over the past decade Greek wine has made great strides in terms of international recognition. Read more


Greeks celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging books

“Love is to Read Together” was the motto of the initiative which received a warm welcome by Greeks, according to organizers of the Association of Greek Publishers and Booksellers (ENELVI). Read more


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