Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of February 18-24

Welcome back! It’s time to reveal our staff’s picks for this week’s Top 10 Positive Greek News articles online. So many great articles, it was hard to choose! Have a look.

Positive Greek News articles online

Lots of great articles this past week. We started a trend! There’s more and more Positive Greek News! We took a vote, and here are our picks for Top 10 Positive Greek News articles this week. Here we go!


Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles


Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles this week: 


Greece: Ruins and Relaxation

A Greek holiday conjures images of Mykonos and Santorini, of crisp white buildings wearing blue hats and of lively restaurants by the sea. But Greece offers so much more, writes Kate Ford. Read more


Manikis appointed Wyndham Hotel Group EMEA managing director

Wyndham Hotel Group has announced the appointment of Dimitris Manikis to the role of president and managing director for Europe, Middle East, Eurasia and Africa. Read more 


Your Next Truffle May Be Coming From Greece

So you’re dining at a fancy restaurant and choose to splurge on some truffles to top off your repast. As the pungent slices rain down on your main course, the waiter announces that these truffles didn’t come from Italy, the traditional provenance of this decadent garnish. They hail from Greece. Read more


The secret messages Lindsey Vonn wrote on her Olympic race suit

When NBC cameras zoom in on the two-time Olympic medalist, viewers will notice that she wrote a couple of messages on her uniform in permanent marker. Read more


Eat Like They Do In Greece To Live Longer

The Greek diet could save your life and make you live happier, healthier, and feel younger. Read more


Greece sees revenue from 2017 tourism skyrocket

“Explosion” occurred in Greek tourism last year, as travel revenue skyrocketed to EUR 14.6 billion, up by EUR 1.39 billion, with a subsequent 9.7% increase in inbound traffic and average money spend per trip, according to the provisional data of the Bank of Greece. Read more


‘Sympossio’ program establishing Greece on the world gastronomy map

In its 9th consecutive year, the major culinary event travels around Europe to promote Peloponnesian flavours. Read more


Skip the Bordeaux, Go for the Assyrtiko

On March 15, the chef, Nicholas Poulmentis, will proudly open the doors of Akrotiri, his new restaurant in Astoria, cooking dishes not normally found on a Greek menu, and serving wines most people have never heard of. Read more


Hydra, Greek island travel guide: A muse for generations of artists

Creatives have been flocking to this ancient Greek idyll for decades. Read more

That’s it for this week! Check for a new list next Saturday!

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