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  • Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of Jan 28 – Feb 2

    top 10 positive Greek news article

    Welcome back! Another week has gone by, and it’s time to reveal our staff’s picks for Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles this week. Let’s go!

    Positive Greek News articles online

    Lots of great stuff in the news this week. We LOVE that there’s more and more Positive Greek News out there. We’ve started a trend! Let’s keep it going! Greeks around the world are doing amazing things!

    You know the drill — let’s get to it!


    top 10 positive Greek news articles
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    Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles this week: 


    Rebetiko Festival Pays Homage To Greek Blues This March

    Rebetiko Festival will take over Melbourne Recital Centre for one day in March with two extraordinary ensembles from Greece: Pliri Ntaxei and Chrysoula K & Purpura and a collection of Greek Australian musicians and dancers. Read more



    The best family holidays in Greece in 2018

    Those with teenagers looking to let off steam should head to the Peloponnese for a family activity holiday, including white-water rafting on the Lousios River, sea kayaking around Kalamata and gorge walking through deep ravines.  Read more



    2018 FDF Draws Record Attendance in San Francisco

    With 108 dance and choral groups participating, the 42nd Annual FDF welcomed over 3,000 registrants plus additional spectators who enthusiastically watched the dancing and singing over the weekend. Read more




    George Xylouris and Jim White are one of the most exciting musical collaborations right now. Their new album Mother is not for the fragile. The alternative rock and Cretan music meld is blood and bones, earth and sea, literature and poetry, war and love; it is Crete. One needs to understand the Cretans to comprehend the music. Read more



    Explore Greece through the eyes of its people!

    Through the “Greece by Greeks” campaign and our collaboration with the famous Greek NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo, we have put together a huge list containing thousands of hidden Greek gems. Browse through and you will find so much to inspire you and guide you through the undiscovered Greece! Read more



    Athens and Thessaloniki in the top 100 best food cities in the world

    ‘Greek food is about sharing around the table and creating long lasting memories,’ says Greek celebrity chef Giorgos Tsoulis. Read more



    George Andreakos talks acting role in new film ‘Sarah Q’

    Greek-American actor George Andreakos chatted with me about his new film “Sarah Q,” where he is cast as Detective Garcia. Read more




    A Greek-American musician living in Luxembourg is paying tribute to his former teacher: bringing his work to a wider audience by publishing his compositions. Read more




    Lia Bozonelis is charting a successful 15-year path through Hollywood as a rare entity—a woman screenwriter. It has not been a straight and narrow journey. As she navigated the sometimes dark roads of the film and television industry, she took with her a passion for writing, her Greek Orthodox faith and the love and support of family. Read more



    Santorini: an archetypal Greek island fantasy

    With its sea-drowned caldera, black-sand beaches and crimson sunsets, Santorini is the archetypal Greek island fantasy. But its beauty hides a dark secret. Read more

    That’s it for this week! Check for a new list next Saturday!

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