Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of April 22-28

Happy Weekend! Hope you’ve had a great week. Now settle in, grab a coffee, and check out this week’s Top 10 Positive Greek News articles online. Here we go!

Positive Greek News articles online

Love! Love! Love that there’s more and more Positive Greek News online! Here are our staff’s faves this week.


Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles


Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles this week: 

Visiting Greece can change your life

“When I stepped off that plane in Athens into the sweet lemon smell of a Greek spring, I looked up at those beautiful green mountains, felt the sea breeze on my face, and said to myself, ‘I  am home.’  Read more


Buying Greek property makes sense

Investor confidence in the real estate market’s prospects and the notion that prices have completed their downward cycle, has prompted more property acquisitions. Read more


Feature: World heritage symposium at Olympics birthplace unites int’l youth

The participants, who flew in from 12 different countries, also immersed themselves in Greece’s ancient history and modern way of life, learning about other cultures and making new friends. Read more


Cyprus regains rare Orthodox Christian mosaic stolen in 70s

Archbishop Chrysostomos II said that the artistry that went into the mosaic coupled with its rarity made the work a symbol of Cyprus’ “stolen heritage.” Read more


Getty Museum to Cleopatra: ‘It’s not all about you’

“The overarching goal of this exhibition is for visitors to understand Egypt, Greece, and Rome not as monolithic, separate entities but as cultures that shared and exchanged aspects of their religion, artistic traditions, languages, and customs in an evolving milieu.” Read more


Fulbright scholars celebrate program’s 70th anniversary

US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt (center) described the Fulbright program in Greece as ‘a symbol of the importance our nations place on education.’ Read more


New York: famous 5th Avenue turned blue

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura represented the Greek government in the magnificent parade, which took place in New York on Sunday 22 April 2018, to commemorate the 197th anniversary of the National Rebirth. Read more


Metropolitan makes first Northwest Indiana visit

Giving oneself to the community, and especially to those who’re most in need, is far more important to growing a strong, vibrant church, the new leader of the Metropolis of Chicago told worshippers during his first visit to Northwest Indiana since being installed last month. Read more


Volcanic Wines – the Lava Lover’s Dream

Santorini, a Greek Cycladic island and major success story of volcanic winemaking, showcased one of the most exciting projects from Domain Sigalas. Read more


The rise of slow travel: 20 adventures to take at a leisurely pace

To my mind, the precepts of slow living can be applied better to travel – as they can to food and eating – than to some of the more far-fetched notions in my list. Which Greek island made the list? Read more


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