Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of August 20-26

top 10 positive Greek news article

It’s that time of the week when we reveal the top 10 Positive Greek News articles of the week. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!


This week’s top 10 Positive Greek News articles

We’re all about Positive Greek News. It’s what we do. Every week, we bring you stories of the best of the Greek world. Additionally, we follow the news, and select our top picks for best of the web. Now let’s get to it!


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Top 10 Positive Greek News articles – week of August 20-26:


Syros is set to become a location for shooting movies

“They were preparing to head to Bulgaria to discuss filming the movie there. That’s when I stopped them and convinced them to come to Syros first.” Read more


Notos owner named Greece’s best culinary ambassador in Belgium

Constantin Erinkoglou’s impressive rise started from humble origins several decades ago. The son of a refugee family, he was raised in the village of Moustheni at the foot of Mount Paggaio in the Kavala region of northern Greece. Read more


10 of the best beach bars in Greece

Step out of the sea and straight into one of these drinking dens, many offering top-notch food and cocktails – plus a party atmosphere after sundownRead more


Humans of Chapelboro: Giorgios Bakastias

If you’re having trouble deciding where to eat, you can always go to one of Giorgios Bakastias’s many restaurants. Bakastias has a restaurant empire across North Carolina. He owns 13 state-wide locations, 4 of which are in Chapel Hill. Read more


Exploring Greece’s Treasures

A venture through Athens, Santorini and Crete for the finest food and drink with a splash of adventure. Read more


Wine of the week: Price, quality just a couple good reasons to drink Greek wine

Once a year I march through snow and ice, bearing a banner with the strange device of good Grecian table wine. And likely once a year you, gentle reader, go forth and come home with a bottle. And our relationship ends there. Perhaps one day, more readers will take up the banner. Read more


Greek Orthodox community comes together to celebrate church name day in Wagga

Wagga’s Greek community gathered for a special event at the weekend in celebration of the Orthodox Church’s name day. More than 150 people attended the annual feast from across three states, draped in all things colourful and patriotic. Read more


Ancient Greeks Built an Eclipse-Predicting ‘Computer’ 2,000 Years Ago

More than 2,000 years before the Great American Solar Eclipse, which will darken the skies over the U.S. on Aug. 21, astronomers in ancient Greece developed their own “supercomputer” to predict eclipses just like this one. Read more


Cypriot film wins HBO award at Sarajevo

A SUPERNATURAL crime thriller produced by Cypriots has won the HBO Europe Award at Midpoint Launch programme at the Sarajevo Film Festival. Read more


The Best Travel Agents for Europe

The A-List is Travel + Leisure’s annual selection of the world’s best travel agents and destination specialists, as chosen by the editors. Several Greeks made the list, and 1 of them is this month’s Greek-American in Greece! Which one will it be? Find out on Monday! Read more


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