Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of January 1-6

top 10 positive Greek news article

After a month-long hiatus, the top 10 is back! Read on to discover our staff’s picks for the top 10 Positive Greek News articles from this past week. New list every Saturday.

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WindyCity Greek is your source for positive Greek news. We LOVE bringing you the best of the Greek world. In addition to all the great stories we bring you, we also watch the headlines for positive Greek news. You know the drill! So without further ado, here are our staff’s top picks for this week. Let’s go!


top 10 positive Greek news articles
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Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles this week: 


Aegean island gem where East meets West: Kastellorizo is the place where Europe ends and Asia begins

have discovered a gem, a tiny, relatively unknown Greek island. Kastellorizo lies in the Aegean Sea a mile off the Turkish Turquoise Coast, the most easterly of the Dodecanese islands. Read more


How an idyllic Greek hideaway inspired a British war hero and travel writer

Oh, to have been a fly on the bougainvillea-clad wall as the drinks flowed and the sun sank behind the beautiful house tucked away in a remote part of Greece. Read more


Greek rebetiko music rises from margins to UNESCO’s list

Over a century since it was first played at cafes and tavernas of the poor on the Greek mainland and the Greek-speaking parts of the Ottoman Empire, rebetiko, dubbed the Greek blues, has now been inscribed on UNESCO’s 2017 list of intangible cultural heritage. Read more


The Winemakers Reinventing Crete’s Wine Scene

Crete has one of the world’s oldest wine cultures. Now, a new generation is pushing traditions forward with terroir-driven and small-production bottlings. Read more



Vasilopita coin
Did you get the coin this year? Here’s to an amazing 2018! IMAGE: MARIA A. KARAMITSOS



Greek bakers wish Happy New Year with 2.5-ton special cake

Greek bakers sent their wishes for a Happy 2018 to the world on Saturday by making and offering for free to the citizens of Athens a 2.5-ton “Vassilopita”, the special cake usually served at all households in Greece after midnight on New Year’s day. Read more


Filipina Greek American aiming for 2020 Olympic judo

Nefeli Papadakis, 19, a five-time U.S. Women’s Judo Champion, is competing to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and hopes to be the first Filipina representing the U.S. to bag an Olympic gold medal. Read more


Athens School of Fine Arts celebrates 180 years

The history of the Athens School of Fine Arts coincides with the history of contemporary Greece. Read more


Why an ‘art therapy’ retreat in Greece is the perfect antidote to life in the 21st century

I am standing at an easel under an olive tree gleefully squeezing globules of bright orange acrylic paint onto a mixing palette. Read more


ALISTAIR GIBSON: There’s so much more to Greek wine than retsina

Greece may well be one of the cradles of wine, but for too long it’s been thought of as nothing more than the home of retsina. Read more


How a Greek immigrant family built a booming Hollywood film studio in downtown Chicago

Sometimes failure can lead to unexpected business success. That was the impetus that led to the founding of Cinespace Film Studios in Chicago, a facility owned and operated by an immigrant Greek family that has helped turn around a depressed neighborhood in the Windy City. Read more


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