Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of July 31-Aug 5

Our regular Saturday feature is back! Here are our staff’s picks for the top 10 positive Greek news articles last week. Let’s go!

Positive Greek News is what we’re all about!

Our staff has returned from July Summer Slowdown. And so has our regular Saturday feature — Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles! WindyCity Greek is your source for positive Greek news. In addition to our original reporting, every week, our staff follows the Greek news online, and votes on the top positive Greek news articles of the week. Now we’re back, and we’re ready to go! Are you ready? ΠΑΜΕ!


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Top 10 positive Greek news articles this week:


Wake’s Mitoglou to return home to play basketball in Greece

Wake Forest forward Dinos Mitoglou has decided to sign a four-year contract with Panathinkaikos, one of the premier clubs in European basketball. Read more


Two new eateries join small clutch of Greek restaurants in Singapore

The Greek restaurant community in Singapore is a small one – you can count them all on two hands. So it makes a big impact to the numbers when two new eateries joined the fray earlier this year, both opening within the span of two months. Read more


Reflect, Pray and Love: Greece Is a Top Destination for Spiritual Experiences & Faith-based Tourism

One of the most rapidly growing sectors of the travel industry is spiritual tourism, with approximately 300 million travelers annually. The U.S. Travel Association (USTA) reports that 25% of U.S. travelers are interested in some sort of faith-based tourism, and the market in this $18 billion industry is expected to double by 2020.  Read more


Greeks of the Merrimack Valley focus of new book

In describing his book, which has a planned release date of Aug. 14, Brown talks about how the Merrimack Valley became home to Greeks after the great immigration to the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries. Read more


Greek restaurant on Mykonos announced as global winner

The Greek restaurant Kensho on the island of Mykonos has been announced as a global winner at the prestigious World Luxury Restaurant Awards that were held recently in Hanoi, Vietnam. Read more


Metropolitan Museum Surrenders Looted Greek Vase

The 4th-century BCE terracotta vase, attributed to the artist Python, had been on display in the museum’s Greco-Roman galleries for more than two decades. Read more


DNA clue to origins of early Greek civilization

“They’re important because they are the first known civilizations in Europe that had writing and a level of complexity that was not present in earlier cultures… It’s always been a puzzle: where did these people come from and how did they create this amazing culture,” Dr Lazaridis told BBC News. Read more


A tiny Greek island to become the first energy independent island in the Mediterranean

The initiative under the name TILOS comes by a collaboration of the University of Anglia (UEA) and the University of Applied Sciences in Piraeus, engaging 15 participating enterprises and institutes from seven European countries. Read more


National deaf women’s team on top of the world

Greece’s national women’s team won gold in basketball at the Deaflympics held in Turkey on Saturday. Read more 


Greece & Cyprus: Breaks on a budget

If Greece and Cyprus were students in school, they’d be getting all A*s. Beaches, landscapes, adventure, culture, history – between them they’ve got pretty much every base covered, and they’re good at adapting too.  Read more


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