Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of May 14-20

top 10 positive Greek news article

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Our staff’s top 10 picks for positive Greek news articles this week:


All Saints marks 100 years with celebration, gifts of faith

All Saints Greek Orthodox Church celebrated 100 years in Weirton by looking forward with a call to turn outward with faith, hope and love and by giving the gift of giving. Read more

Santorini: the Greek jewel

With idyllic vistas, music festivals and museums, soak up the Santorini sun with flights from London City Airport. Read more

A 2,000-year-old computer called the Antikythera Mechanism helped the ancient Greeks understand their universe

The world’s oldest known computer lay submerged for more than 2,000 years off the treacherous coast of the Greek island of Antikythera. Beneath the weight of the water, the sand, and the wrecked ship that once carried it, the ancient astronomical computer’s bronze gears and mechanical parts slowly warped and rusted. Read more

Chef chats: Peter Conistis on cooking Greek

A pioneer of ‘modern Greek’ cuisine in the 1990s, Peter Conistis is still livening up Sydney’s food scene 24 years on. Marrying moussaka with scallops, and baklava with muffins, the executive chef of Sydney’s Alpha has retained a youthful self-belief since his uni days. Read more

Meet George & Evangelos Giovanis of 15th Round Boxing in Glendale

Greek wine’s rich history and recent rebirth, and a sampling from one of its best new wineries

When Greeks drank wine at their symposiums, ancient sommeliers watered it down to ensure good-quality debate; you don’t have to do that with the wines from Kir-Yianni, which marry the traditional with the modern to great effect. Read more

U.S. commerce secretary backs Calamos-EXIN bid for Greek insurer

The U.S. Commerce Secretary has backed a bid by an (Greek-)American-Dutch consortium to buy the insurance arm of Greece’s National Bank, saying a deal could help U.S. investment flows to the troubled Mediterranean country. Read more

Discover Parts Unknown Across Greece’s Corinthian Gulf

On a ferry crossing between the Corinthian and Patras gulfs in western Greece I stared up to the grandeur of the Rio-Antirrio Bridge as the boat moved slowly alongside the two-mile-long engineering masterpiece. Read more

Chicago-Based Online Gift Card Marketplace Opening Chelsea Offices

Raise Marketplace, the 4-year old online platform for buying and selling gift cards founded by Greek-American CEO George Bousis, expands to New York. Read more

Author wants Americans to know about real Greek food

When Maria Benardis sees Greek salad on a menu, she wants more information. “Every region in Greece has its own salad,” said Benardis, whose latest cookbook shares stories and regional recipes from throughout Greece, including a dozen salad recipes from Crete and Kalamata to Santorini. Read more


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