Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of May 21-27

top 10 positive Greek news article

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Top 10 positive Greek news articles this week:



The Athens Dental Tourism Cluster aims to attract Greek-American and Greek-Canadian dental tourists. Read more


We took it to the pros and asked 11 sommeliers around the country which wine regions they deem the most underrated. The results are in! Read more

The Stunning Blue Caves of Zakynthos Island Are Another Reason to Travel to Greece

There’s something about caves that automatically intrigue us — remember those stunning marble caves in Chile? You can take a dip into the clear blue waters surrounding Zakynthos Island in Greece where you’ll find the famous Blue Caves. Read more

150,000 euro grand prize awarded to Greek archaeological works on June 7

The Simone & Cino Del Duca Foundation (La Fondation Simone & Cino Del Duca) has awarded the French School at Athens and the Greek Culture Ministry the grand prize in  archaeology (Grand Prix d’archéologie ), for archaeological works carried out in Thassos. Read more

Mastiha—Sap From Mastic Trees—Is the Latest Must-Try Cocktail Ingredient

Crumbly cubes of feta cheese and thick yogurt may be what first come to mind when thinking about Greece’s culinary exports. But with craft cocktails as pervasive as ever, Mastiha is also slowly acquiring this coveted status. Read more

Greek holiday: Unparalleled Aegean views are the reason YOU should pick Crete

It can be a struggle deciding which Greek Island to head to on holiday, but Crete should definitely top the list. The picturesque town of Agios Nikoloas boasts amazing views of the Aegean sea – but one hotel in particular offer unrivaled panoramic scenes. Read more

Greek seal to expand to more types of commodities

The Athens Chamber of Small and Medium-Sized Industries (BEA) is planning to expand the use of the mark indicating products of Greek origin to non-food categories, such as apparel, furniture and toys. Read more

An art lover’s guide to Athens

Many are calling it the new Berlin, and it’s now hosting one of world’s most important art fairs. Here’s how to get the best out of Athens this summer. Read more.

How USC President Pastides’ immigrant parents gave him a chance at the American dream

Nearly 70 years after his parents left an idyllic Mediterranean island for a one-bedroom basement apartment in cold, rainy New York City, Harris Pastides is making his first trip to the spot where they arrived in America. Read more

Europe’s hidden coasts: the Deep Mani, Greece

Few tourists venture beyond the Mani’s spectacular Diros caves, but further south lies a dramatic coastline of sleepy fishing coves and fortified villages. Read more

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