Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of November 19-25

top 10 positive Greek news article

By popular demand, the top 10 is back! Read on to get our staff’s picks for the top 10 Positive Greek News article from this past week!

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top 10 positive Greek news article
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Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles this week: 


Hydra: Greek island turned muse

The late great Canadian poet and singer, Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire perfectly captured the freedom-seeking zeitgeist of the 1960s. It wasn’t written in Haight Ashbury or Kathmandu or even Goa, but on Hydra. Read more



Miranda Hart: how a holiday in Greece can make you a better person

Think you’re too busy for a break? Don’t be so grand, we all need down time — and mine comes with Abba, sundowners, and some buff Greek gods. Read more



When a Greek God Brought Wine to India

Alexander the Great spent only a few years in the Indian subcontinent and his conquests there were short-lived. After campaigning along the Indus river and its tributaries from 327 to 325 BCE, he left the region, never to return. But the impact of the encounter between Alexander’s Greek army and the Indian world was enormous.  Read more



S.F. philanthropists on the front lines of change

And 600 guests raised funds for Elios to continue its support of local and international organizations promoting Hellenic and cultural arts. Read more



Athens, where art never sleeps

Artists, collectives, new bars, farm-to-table restaurants, startups, and alternative music venues are amassing in Athens. Read more



Private Greece Tours Now Available for Winter

Private Greece tours are underway for the winter season at Enjoy Greece Tours.  With over thirty-nine destinations to choose from, private tours in Athens through the company are quite popular.  This season’s tours are not to be missed according to travel experts. Read more



Tyler Dorsey credits Hellas for his professionalism

The 21-year-old Atlanta Hawks player has his sights set on representing Greece in Tokyo 2020. Read more 



Restaurant to open doors to ‘Thanksgiving orphans’

A restaurant in Maryland is forgoing dinner with family in the comfort of home to serve a feast to “Thanksgiving orphans”. Read more



The Greek Island with the Key to Longevity

One third of Ikaria’s population lives past the age of 90 – and they spend every day doing what they love. Read more



Greece: An Adventure Traveler’s Paradise

Greece’s Mixture of Mild climate, Mountains and Seas Makes It One of the Best Countries for Adventure Year-Round. Read more

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