Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of Sep 10-16

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Top 10 Positive Greek News articles

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top 10 positive Greek news article
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Top 10 Positive News Articles this week: 


History-loving clients might have ticked off the Acropolis, Olympia and Delphi, but Greece also offers a treasure trove of lesser-known archaeological sites for them to explore. Read more



Wellness Tourism: 15 awards won by Greece at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2017

Fifteen awards have been won by Greece at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2017, part of the World Luxury Hotel Awards, which highlights the world’s finest spas. Read more




One of the largest ancient Greek tombs ever discovered has been found by a team of archaeologists near the mythical city of Orchomenus containing the body of one man and a trove of artefacts dating back to B.C. 1400. Read more



In Search of Authentic Santorini? Skip the Beach. Take a Hike.

As I hiked through the village of Oia on Santorini, Greece, slightly out of breath from navigating the hilly streets, I was certain that I had seen few places in the world as attractive. Read more



James on Greek wines

The roadshow of Greek winemakers in late June was by far the largest of the five such events I have attended since 2010. Read more




Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they have acquired all rights in North America, Australia and New Zealand to the Maria Callas documentary MARIA BY CALLAS: IN HER OWN WORDS. Read more



Magical Mykonos: The little island in the Cyclades that has something for everyone

For a slice of traditional charm and modern luxury, check out magical Mykonos. Read more



Tilos: The first Mediterranean island to go off the grid

Tilos, in Greece, is the first island in the Mediterranean to be fully self-sufficient for its energy, thanks to strong investment in renewables. Its success is a lesson for all island communities in Greece and elsewhere. Read more



Inside the World Trade Center’s St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Santiago Calatrava’s monument to Greek Orthodoxy comes into focus at the World Trade Center. Read more




Which island would you most like to be cast away on? Here’s how you voted in the Readers’ Travel Awards 2017. Read more

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