Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of Sep 24-30

top 10 positive Greek news article

Welcome back! It’s that time again, where we reveal our staff’s top 10 picks for Positive Greek News online this week. Get our top picks!


Top Positive Greek News articles online

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top 10 positive Greek news article
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Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles this week: 


Off the beaten path in Greece

There’s no place quite like Europe in the summer. Last summer, I picked Greece. I had six days there and wanted to make the most of it. Two destinations were obvious – Athens, the history rich capital and most economic city to fly into internationally, and Santorini, the postcard honeymoon island. Read more



Biostatistics researcher selected for Greek fellowship program

A prominent biostatistics researcher from the University at Buffalo is among a group of Greek- and Cypriot-born scholars from the U.S. and Canada who will travel to Greece to conduct academic projects with their peers at Greek universities. Read more



Spring Valley High School turns Huntington Greek Fest into learning experience

As the 2017 Huntington Greek Festival kicked off Friday Spring Valley High School students put their knowledge to the test. The students had been learning about Greek culture and history. Their final assignment was a field trip to Greek Fest to learn from the members of the Greek community in Huntington. Read more



Ancient Greek sanctuary of Artemis unearthed in Evia, says Culture Ministry

Archaeologists on the island of Evia have unearthed the remains of a more than 2,000-year-old temple to the ancient Greek goddess of hunting, Artemis, after a quest that lasted more than 100 years, the Culture Ministry said Friday. Read more



Trivago: 8 warmest Greek islands offer perfect conditions for September

The beautiful, warm weather all year around in Greece lends itself for the perfect destination for all visitors. Read more



Greece: Heavenly retreat

The main attraction of Chalkidiki’s jutting peninsulas are its beaches, writes Tobias Schormann. Read more



Rediscovering her roots in Siatista

My grandmother used to regale me with stories about her hometown, Siatista, situated on the slopes of Mount Siniatsiko in Northern Greece. She had emigrated to the U.S. in 1935 as a teenager in an arranged marriage. After she passed away, I decided to visit the town—population 6,000—myself. Read more



Why Crete Should Be Your Last Summer Getaway

My fellow heliophiles, please immediately direct your imminently sun-starved selves to Greece. More specifically, to the island of Crete, which is the perfect location for your last-ditch efforts to extend summer and sunshine just a liiiiiittle bit longer. Read more



Athens and Santorini connect a traveler to man’s long and rich cultural history

The towering, crumbling columns of the Acropolis and the mythical tale of Persephone being dragged into the underworld called to me. I wasn’t dying to travel, but I was dying to see Greece. Read more



National Philoptochos Society Children’s Medical Fund

Since its inception in 1989, this event has raised and disbursed approximately $3.3 million for children’s hospitals and research programs, as well as special programs that serve the needs of ill and fragile children and their families throughout the United States and in other parts of the world. Read more


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