Top 10 Positive Greek News Articles: Week of Sep 3-9

top 10 positive Greek news article

It’s that time of the week! What were our staff top picks for Positive Greek News online this week? Click through to find out!


Top 10 Positive Greek News articles this week

As your source for Positive Greek News, we bring you the best of the Greek world. In addition to our original content, we week we follow the news. At the end of the week, our staff votes on the best of the web. Without further ado, let’s reveal their top picks for Positive Greek News this week! New list every Saturday.


top 10 positive Greek news article
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Top 10 Positive News Articles this week: 


Hallelujah! It’s the island that made Leonard Cohen a star

The Mail on Sunday’s Steve Turner toured the Greek island of Hydra, which has a rich cultural heritage. Read more


Jimmy the Greek immigrant success story fuelled by “grit and foresight”

Dimitrios Antonopoulos’ now-thriving Greek restaurant chain boasts more than 50 locations nationwide. Read more


Greece’s largest wine producing region celebrates harvest

Nemea, Greece’s largest wine producing zone, located in the Peloponnese peninsula, some 120 kilometers northeast of Athens, welcomes harvest this autumn with a major feast. Read more


Greek pair claim Gold on home waters in Tornado Worlds

The Greek pair, Dany Paschalidis and Petros Konstantinidis, claim home land victory in the 2017 Tornado World Championships, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Read more


Thanks to Maria Menounos, Fenway is going Greek

Maria Menounos, TV host and host of Sirus XM’s “Conversations with Maria Menounos,” opened her healthy-eating concession stand, Maria’s Greek Kitchen, Monday. Read more


Eat Greek Kouzina opens in Abu Dhabi

Part of Food Fund International, Eat Greek Kouzina has opened its fourth branch in the UAE and the very first restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Read more


The treasures of Greece’s lesser-known archaeological sites

History-loving clients might have ticked off the Acropolis, Olympia and Delphi, but Greece also offers a treasure trove of lesser-known archaeological sites for them to explore. Read more

Achieving a good balance of sweet and savory in any dish is challenging. This recipe meets the challenge, and here are three wines — from Greece, Italy and Spain — that will either bridge the sweet-savory gap or call out the dish’s most intriguing qualities. Read more

“Myths and Legends” is the theme of this year’s festival, an exploration of mythic and fantastical tales as set by composers from the Romantic through the contemporary periods. Wednesday’s salon concert focused on settings by Franz Schubert of German poetry by Goethe, Schiller and others on subjects drawn from Greek mythology and literature. Read more


For young, commitment-less travelers, childless couples and empty nesters, National Geographic Travel has rounded up a list of the best fall destinations for 2017, when summer cedes to winter in a stunningly dramatic transformation of colors. Read more

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