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Architecture, academia and the birthplace of democracy: Athens is the grandest open-air university in the world

Walking the cobblestone pathway of Europe’s largest archaeological park in Athens is a rewarding history lesson in the world’s grandest open-air university. There are no fees. No professors. No homework. You don’t even have to attend everyday, just as and when there’s an itch of intrigue. Read more

Local community celebrates 100th birthday of veteran with 3 Purple Hearts

Members of the local Greek community came together Sunday to celebrate the 100th birthday of one of their beloved members. celebrate the 100th birthday of one of their beloved members. George Demos has been a member of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Atlanta, home of the Atlanta Greek Festival, for decades. Read more

“Wine Tourism” the New Fashion Only in Kefalonia

“Wine Tourism” is the new fashion in how to spend your vacation. Dimitris Lolos had a brilliant idea and decided to create The Greek Wine Experience in Kefalonia, the first organized effort of wine tourism in Greece. Read more


Oyster Bah chef talks lobster rolls, stuffies and oysters

Oyster Bah, the restaurant that forces you to adopt a Boston accent, has been shucking up a storm since it opened in Lincoln Park on Dec. 9. Some vital stats: It’s about 100 seats with a 30-seat basement restaurant called the Crab Cellar, it’s a sister spot to Shaw’s Crab House, and the menu is almost entirely seafood. (A million oysters to anyone who guesses what the nonfish dish is. Just kidding! It’s obviously a burger.) Chef Pete Balodimas answers five quick-fire questions… Read more


Macedonian-era tomb discovered during public works in Pella

A Macedonian era tomb was discovered within the modern settlement of Pella during sewage network constructions.

According to a Culture Ministry announcement ‘the interest in the new Macedonian tomb lays in its architecture. The tomb was robbed in the antiquity and dates back to the first half of the 3rd century BC. Its barrel-vaulted roof has been destroyed however, the roof of the side halls are in excellent condition. The entrance of the ante-chamber closed with a wooden 2.78 metres high and 1.30m wide door. Read more


Mary makes the White House Merry

At Toms-Price, we’re known for our beautiful furniture and creating dazzling home interiors. But who would have guessed that one of our employees would help to make the White House merry for the holidays!? This year, our own Mary (Lalagos) Mazzeffi, display artist at Toms-Price in Wheaton, made the cut to be one of 89 volunteers from 35 states picked to help hang ornaments, trim garlands and do other duties involved in decorating to make the White House merry for Christmas. Thousands of people had applied for the coveted positions. Cathy Manock, Wheaton Toms-Price store manager, said, “What Mary does with design at Toms-Price is fabulous. She sees every detail and works on our room displays with so much energy.” Read more (read our story about Mary!)


American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Japonica Partners Present Inaugural Pericles Leadership Award to Harvard Business School Professor George Serafeim

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Japonica Partners presented the inaugural Pericles Leadership Award to Harvard Business School Professor George Serafeim. Professor Serafeim has pledged the €100,000 Award to support the goal of helping the Hellenic Republic produce a government balance sheet, which he views as an essential step to accelerating the turnaround of Greek government finances. Read more


T&T’s Winery Guide: Demetria Estate

John and Sandra Zahoudanis founded Demetria Estate in 2005, to uphold John’s Greek heritage and family tradition of farming and careful stewardship of the land. They named their splendid estate after their daughter who shares the same name as the ancient Greek goddess of harvest, Demetria. Read more (We LOVE this place!)

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