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Our staff’s top picks for Greek-related news articles this week:


Why Downtown Athens Is Basically Brooklyn by the Sea

There is currently a marketing campaign for the city of Athens taglined “Speak Athenian. Be an Athenian”. This initiative is promoting the Greek capital through a hybrid vocabulary that creatively blends the past and present, evoking the eclectic and dynamic nature of modern-day Athens, from the city center to the coast. One of the catchy terms to come from the campaign? Read more



4 Lessons from Shinola

Shinola founder Tom Kartsotis spoke with the entrepreneurs of Chicago’s 1871 incubator about how he brought manufacturing back to Detroit.

Tom and his brother Kosta built Fossil from scratch into a global lifestyle brand and public company with 14,000 employees. They started in 1984 (around the time Tom dropped out of college and was scalping football tickets in Texas). Thirty years later, Fossil sells $3.2 billion worth of bags, watches, and clothing a year and has a market cap of more than $5 billion. Read more



Archaeologists Find First Ancient Oracle to Apollo in Athens

An oracle well at least 1800 years old dedicated to the god Apollo has been discovered in Athens.

Though the powers of the oracle at Delphi and others were famously plied by the ancient Greeks, this is the first ancient oracular edifice to Apollo to have been found in Athens itself. Read more



Skopelos to be Seen by Millions in the US as Featured Destination of ‘Mediterranean Blue’ Show

Skopelos’ beautiful beaches, lush green landscapes, traditional cuisine and rich history and culture will be broadcast to over 16 million viewers across the U.S. through the new travel showMediterranean Blue to air on American television stations PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) and Create TV. The show will showcase 13 destinations in Greece in 13 episodes. Read more



Robservations: Columnist Shia Kapos ‘Taking Names’ for Sun-Times

Good news: Shia Kapos, one of Chicago’s premier journalists on the celebrity beat, is bringing her newsy “Taking Names” column to the Sun-Times, where it will run twice a week, starting June 20. Read more



Lost Island of Ancient Greece Discovered in Aegean Sea

An international team of archaeologists and geophysicists believe they have discovered a lost island in the eastern Aegean that was once home to the ancient city of Kane. Read more



Playing Safe Can Actually Hurt You: 5 Ways To Take Risks That Will Pay Off

Millennials may be the most risk averse generation to date, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. According to a recent study, 34% of millennials describe their risk tolerance as “conservative” or “somewhat conservative.”

32-year-old Alexi Panos has a solution to combat risk aversion, and to start, it’s absolutely free: invest inyourself. Panos is a leader in the personal development industry, author of the book 50 Ways to Yay, and star of a successful YouTube channelRead more



How a Local NGO Works to Feed Greece’s Hungry

On top of a volatile economic and political situation, Greece has been inundated with political refugees. Greece is a sharing culture, and for the most part, even those who have very little themselves are doing their best to help the refugees. But all those ingredients put together make a poor recipe – with many people in Greece not having enough to eat.

Fortunately, there are organizations of people who care and are organized enough to make a difference. One of these having a huge effect is Boroume, which translates to “we can.”  Read more




Thousands of Chicagoans will now have access to a grocery store thanks to the opening of the Cermak Fresh Market on the city’s Northwest Side.

The new grocery store opened Wednesday in the old Marshall Fields warehouse at Diversey and Pulaski. Read more

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