Top Greek-related News Articles: Week of May 22-28

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Our staff’s picks for ‘best of the web’ Greek-related news articles this week.

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Our staff’s top picks for Greek-related news articles this week:


The Peloponnese in Greece is the best place in Europe to visit in 2016, says Lonely Planet

Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has released its annual list of the best places to visit in Europe, this year opting for a mix of the usual suspects (Venice, the Dordogne) and a scattering of off-the-beaten track places such as the Dutch island of Texel.

Topping the list is the the Peloponnese, a region often overlooked by travellers to Greece, who tend to visit the islands or build a sightseeing trip around Athen’s iconic Acropolis. Read more



Today, Nasty Gal’s Founder Sophia Amoruso may be worth $250 million, but the story of Nasty Gal has a humble beginning. In 2008, Sophia Amoruso started a one-woman operation selling vintage clothing she found in thrift stores on Ebay. Since then, she’s grown her Nasty Gal brand into one of the world’s fastest-growing online retailers, nabbed over $50 million in funding, and published her bestselling book#GirlbossRead more


The Youtube thundering Greek

Matt Kovalakides –best known as Matt Koval- has gained worldwide popularity viaYoutube. He’s the creator and director of videos uploaded to his personal Youtubechannel and he was hired to work with the major video-sharing website. He is currently YouTube’s Lead Creative Strategist. Read more 


Chick-fil-A Inc. names Tim Tassopoulos president and COO

The new president and chief operating officer of Chick-fil-A Inc. ­– Tim Tassopoulos – is as much a part of the chain’s family that one can be without being related by blood.

He was only 17 in 1977 when he first started working as an hourly employee for a Chick-fil-A store at North DeKalb Mall. He applied there as a back-up when applying for a job at Rich’s and decided to have lunch at his favorite restaurant. Read more


Alexi Pappas Veers Far From Her Lane

Pappas is a poet, essayist, actress, and filmmaker. The elite runner has been accepted to Greece’s 2016 Olympic Team. Read more


My Big Fat Greek Wine List

When my daughter was nine or 10 she went totally nuts for Greek mythology – a situation that has never entirely cleared up, but that’s another story. At 10, she demanded to be taken to “the Ancient Lands” (Rick Riordan, you started this, can we borrow some drachmas, big guy?). I said I’d be happy to take her to Delos and Athens, on one condition. For context, she had to also go to Rome. Read more


Why Corfu should be the next Greek Island you visit

When you think of the Greek island of Corfu, there’s a chance you picture the notorious clubbing town of Kavos. Kavos has helped put Corfu on the map in recent years but there is so much more to the island than the well-known party town. Most recently the island has been associated with ITV drama The Durrells based on Gerald Durrell’s Corfu memoirs. Read more 


Friend Art Opens Tonight

The world premiere of Sofia Alvarez’ Friend Art officially opens May 26. The cast features Zoe Chao ( Sideways), Aaron Costa Ganis (Bareknuckle), Anabelle Lemieux and Tony nominee Constantine Maroulis ( Rock of Ages).

Directed by Portia Krieger, the new comedy explores what it means to support the arts.

The Second Stage Theatre production is part of its uptown series in the McGinn/Cazale Theatre on Broadway at 76 th Street. Performances began May 17. Read more


The 19 best Greek islands

The best Greek islands, whether you’re looking for sandy beaches, unspoiled island life or history and culture. Read more

That’s it for this week! Check back next Saturday for a new list of our staff’s top picks for Greek-related news on the web. Be well!



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