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Our staff’s top picks for positive Greek news articles this week:



The philanthropic acts of George Michael: from £5k tips to nurses’ gigs

After the pop superstar’s death, stories are emerging that reveal his many acts of kindness and generosity. Read more

Greek church volunteers brighten holidays: Nearly 600 students at Hillcrest elementary get a hot meal

Hundreds of students at Hillcrest elementary school were ensured a hot holiday meal this year, thanks to members of a charitable arm of Panagia Greek Orthodox Church of Hamilton. Read more

Why you should learn Greek and Latin

The classics are important and should be on the school curriculum says neuroscientist Susan Greenfield. Read more

How the Greek Wine Industry Has Responded to the Greek Economic Crisis

The industry has launched a comprehensive marketing program aimed at education and increasing exports. Read more

Florida Frontiers: Greek Culture in Tarpon Springs

Since 1906, people have gathered on Jan. 6 at Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs to watch young men compete to find a submerged wooden cross. Today, thousands attend the ceremony. The unique Epiphany celebration is one example of the Greek culture that is still prevalent in Tarpon Springs. Read more

Zoe Xidis makes instant impact on Niles North gymnastics team

With her solid individual scores and big skills, freshman Zoe Xidis has raised the Niles North girls gymnastics team’s overall score and served as motivation for the other Vikings gymnasts. Read more

Greek Coin Found in Jerusalem Tells Hanukkah Story

In Jerusalem, you never know what you’ll uncover when you dig a bit. Restoration to a damaged ancient wall at the Tower of David Museum led to the timely discovery of a more than 2,000-year-old coin – connected to the story of Hanukkah. Read more

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