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Our staff’s top picks for positive Greek news articles this week:


Federation Of Hellenic American Educators Day On Greek Language Enrichment

“The starting point of a man’s education sets the course of what follows too, “ Socrates.1  This theme was the focus of “The International Day of Greek Language and Culture. Read more 

Countdown for the largest Carnivals in Greek cities

The Carnival of Patra is tradition in Greece and everybody, not just the children are waiting for the festivities to begin! Read more

The Village Greek adds Mediterranean flavor to Lancaster

Fellow Greeks were used to driving to Toronto to re-stock, Siradis said. “The non-Greeks would ask me, ‘Where are we going to buy this stuff after the festival?’ And I would say, ‘One of these years I’m going to open something.'” Read more

Britannia signs pact with Greek company

Britannia Industries, has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with Greek company, Chipita BIL said on Tuesday. Read more

Greek refresher said to make sermons ‘exciting’

“If we believe that God inspired the actual Hebrew and Greek words that we have,” Plummer said, “are we going to be content to read those in translation? Read more

New restaurant in Mesquite to feature Chicago influence on Greek cuisine

Mesquite will soon be getting a taste of Greece. And Chicago, too, for that matter. Read more

Religion and Culture: Youth camp seeks to connect children with Greek Orthodox culture

But Saint Sophia Camp is anything but typical. Its real purpose is integrating faith into the lives of Greek Orthodox youth, and Father Gary Kyriacou’s years there—from camper to camp clergy—testify to its success in strengthening religious identity. Read more

How Southern California’s Greek Community Stays in Touch With Its Roots

But at St. Anthony’s, where the dance program has survived more than 40 years and now numbers about 75 dancers, competition comes second to cultural preservation and faith. In the Los Angeles Greek community, the two are firmly intertwined. Read more

Meteora: Greece’s spectacular monasteries in the sky

High above the Meteora landscape in Greece’s central region, 60 monks and nuns live in fabled monasteries perched on the edge of sandstone peaks.  Read more


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